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Continuous rim diamond saw blades

Saw blades glossary
    These saw blades are circular steel blades with diamond impregnated grit on the rim. the rims contain a mixture of metal powder, diamond powders and industrial diamonds of different sizes and qualities, depending on the different types of material to be c

Impregnated, английский
  1. A metallic material in which fragments of diamond or other hard substances (in unflocculated distribution) are intermixed and embedded. see impregnated bit.

  2. Said of rock, fabrics, or other bodies the pores of which are more or less filled with extraneous materials such as oil, tar, resins, rubber, etc.

  3. Containing metallic minerals, scattered or dif fused throughout the mass. properly used in re ferring to country rock containing scattered grains of mineral similar to that in the vein. 53

Industrial, английский
  1. Промышленный

  2. One of the music genres that appears under genre classification in windows media player library. based on id3 standard tagging format for mp3 audio files. id3v1 genre id # 19.

Crosscut, английский
  1. A cut made at a right angle to the direction of the wood grain.

  2. Cut at right angles to the grain.

  3. A borehole directed so as to cut through a rock strata or ore vein essentially at right angles to the dip and strike of the rock strata, a vein, or a related structure.

  4. An underground passage driven across the course of a vein or related structure.

Circular saw blades, английский
    A circular saw blade is a metal disc with jagged teeth on the edge. the disk fits into a machine which causes it to spin. used to cut wood and other materials.