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Demolition saw blades

Saw blades glossary
    The demolition saw blade can cut through most building materials (roofing, shingles, wood, nails, sand and other non-ferrous materials).

Demolition, английский
  1. Разрушение; подрыв

  2. Подрыв

  3. The systematic destruction of a building, all or in part. demountable partition, relocatable partition a nonload-bearing partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed, demountable partition 303 delta connection delubrum 1. in ancient roman architecture, a sanctuary or temple. 2. the part of a classical temple containing the altar or a statue of the deity; the most sacred part of the temple. deluge sprinkler system 1.a dry-pipe sprinkler system with open heads; is controlled by an automatic valve which is activated by smoke- or heat-sensitive devices; provides a dense, uniform coverage of water over the protected area. 2.a fire sprinkler system using open sprinklers (i.e., open sprinkler heads). when the fire detection system is activated, the deluge valve opens, resulting in water being sprayed simultaneously from all of the open sprinklers; usually used for protection against rapidly spreading high-hazard fires. and then reinstalled at a different location; may be full height, from floor to ceiling, or partial height.

  4. Разрушение, снос (зданий) о ~ and dismantling разрушение [снос] и разборка [демонтаж] ~ of structures снос сооружений

Dry cut metal saw blade, английский
    A saw blade designed to dry-cut steel and other some other metals.

Dado saw blades, английский
    A dado saw blade is a circular blade used to making groove cuts of different widths in wood fitting into the groove the edge of another piece of wood to make a joint.