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Saw blades

Saw blades glossary
    There are generally two types of saw blade teeth: steel or carbide. saws may be manual, electrical or battery powered.

Blad, польский

Blad, нидерландский

Blad, шведский

Blad, английский
    A term on our northern coasts for a squall with rain.

Blad odczytu, польский

Blad w programie, польский

Blad w programie, uszkodzenie, польский

Bladder, английский
  1. Vejiga

  2. Мочевой пузырь

  3. Any sac in the body, especially the sac where the urine collects before being passed out of the body  he is suffering from bladder trouble.  she is taking antibiotics for a bladder infection. blalock’s operation blalock’s operation / ble?l?ks ?p?re* ??(?)n/, blalock-taussig operation /ble?l?k t? s?& ?p?re??(?)n/

Bladder gripper, английский
    Захватное устройство с эластичными камерами см. также multilаtеrаl fluid griрреr

Bladder pump, английский

Bladder type accumulator, английский
    Аккумулятор с эластичной разделительной диафрагмой (пнешогидравлический аккумулятор, в котором жидкость от газа отделена эластичной диафрагмой)

Bladder uri, английский
    A sac where the urine collects after passing from the kidneys through the ureters, before being passed out of the body through the urethra. see illustration at kidney, urogenital system (male) in supplement

Bladdra, шведский

Bladdy, английский
    Damn, e.g., i can’t believe the bladdy referee gave that penalty.

Blade, английский
  1. See switch

  2. Лопасть; лопатка; перо

  3. N анат. кончик языка

  4. Лопасть, перо; блэйд

  5. [1] the flat end of an oar, thrust into the water when rowing. [2] a flat or shaped surface that rotates in air or water to provide thrust for a propeller or paddle-wheel, or to produce power from a turbine. [3] the flat surface of a rudder. [4] the flat cutting part of a sword, cutlass, or knife.

  6. The part of a turbine that water or air reacts against to cause the turbine to spin. sometimes incorrectly refered to as the propeller. most electricity- producing wind turbines will have two or three blades, whereas water-pumping wind turbines will usually have up to 20 or more. c

Blade, английский

Blade (in developing unit), английский

Blade area ratio, английский
    Дисковое отношение (гребного винта)

Blade attachment fitting, английский

Blade back, английский

Blade cleaning (in drum unit), английский

Electrical, английский

Table saw blades, английский
    A table saw blade is a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor. the blade sticks out through the surface of a table, providing support for the material being cut.

Saw blade bushings, английский
    Metal disc inserted into bore of saw blade to reduce bore size.