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Glossary of Diseases and Symptoms (Italiano-Inglese)
  1. Indigestión

  2. A disturbance of the normal process of digestion, where the person experiences pain or discomfort in the stomach  he is taking tablets to relieve his indigestion or he is taking indigestion tablets.  dyspepsia

Indigestione, итальянский

Indigestión, empacho, испанский

Disturbance, английский
  1. Возмущение

  2. See spanish disturbance.

  3. Возмущение; нарушение; неисправность, повреждение ~ of equilibrium нарушение равновесия edge ~ краевой эффект

  4. In community ecology, an event that removes organisms and opens up space which can be colonized by individuals of the same or different species.

Discomfort, английский
  1. A feeling of mild pain  you may experience some discomfort after the operation.

  2. Дискомфорт; неудобство; затруднение ~ of traffic затруднение движения по дороге

Indisposizione, итальянский

Indigestione, итальянский