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Plain text

Data Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
  1. Unencrypted text

  2. Читаемый тест; нешифрованный текст; открытый текст

  3. A string of text that is displayed with one value for each text attribute: typeface, slant, and weight.

Plain, английский
  1. A term used in contradistinction to mountain, though far from implying a level surface, and it may be either elevated or low.

  2. Простой; ясный; очевидный

  3. Равнина

  4. A general term referring to any flat, lowland area, large or small, at a low elevation. specifically, any extensive region of comparatively smooth and level gently undulating land. a plain has few or no prominent hills or valleys but sometimes has considerable slope, and usually occurs at low elevation relative to surrounding areas. where dissected, remnants of a plain can form the local uplands. a plain may be forested or bare of trees and may be formed by deposition or erosion. compare - lowland, plateau. gg

Plain (horizontal kneetype) milling machine, английский
    Горизонтальный консольно-фрезерный станок

Plain -, английский
    Цемент без добавок

Plain address cipher radiogram, английский

Plain ashlar, английский
    Stone facing that has been smoothed with a tool.

Plain bag, английский

Plain bar, английский
    A reinforcing bar without surface deformations, or one having deformations that do not conform to the applicable requirements. plain concrete, unreinforced concrete 1. concrete without reinforcement or reinforced only for shrinkage or temperature changes. 2. concrete without some other specific admixture or element, in contrast with concrete containing such an admixture or element, e.g., non-airentrained concrete. plain-cut joint in masonry,

Plain bearing, английский
    A relatively simple and inexpensive bearing typically made of two parts. a rotary plain bearing can be just a shaft running through a hole. a simple linear bearing can be a pair of flat surfaces designed to allow motion.

Plain carbon steel, английский

Plain char, английский
    Тип char без модификаторов типа

Plain clinometer, английский
    A clinometer having only its upper end threaded to fit drill rods. also called end clinometer. see clinometer. compare line clinometer, wedge clinometer.

Plain clothes, английский
    Rn term for civilian dress (cf. mufti).

Plain concrete, английский

Plain concrete., английский

Plain conductor, английский
    Неизолированный провод

Plain core barrel, английский

Plain detonator, английский

Plain english, английский

Plain flap, английский

Plain font, английский
    Простой шрифт (без стиля) plain old/original telephone service обычные услуги телефонной связи

Plain girder, английский

Private key, английский
  1. A private or secret key is an encryption/decryption key known only to the party or parties that exchange secret messages.

  2. A private key is a string of data that shows you have access to bitcoins in a specific wallet. private keys can be thought of as a password; private keys must never be revealed to anyone but you, as they allow you to spend the bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet through a cryptographic signature.

  3. Личный ключ; секретный ключ; частный ключ

  4. The secret half of a cryptographic key pair that is used with a public key algorithm. private keys are typically used to decrypt a symmetric session key, digitally sign data, or decrypt data that has been encrypted with the corresponding public key.

Pci data security standard, английский
    Payment card industry data security standard is a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security