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Cold flow

Wire and Cable Glossary
    Any permanent deformation due to pressure or mechanical force, without the aid of eat softening.

Cold, английский
  1. Холод; холодный

  2. Computer output to laser (optical) disc

  3. An illness, with inflammation of the nasal passages, in which someone sneezes and coughs and has a blocked and running nose  she had a heavy cold. also called common cold, coryza comment: a cold usually starts with a virus infection which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose and throat. symptoms include running nose, cough and loss of taste and smell. coronaviruses have been identified in people with colds, but there is no cure for a cold at present.

Cold, английский

Cold, английский

Cold (bf runnig cold), английский
    Hf froid

Cold (bf runnig cold), английский

Cold (illness), английский
    Resfriado, catarro

Cold accumulator, английский

Cold air, английский

Cold air masses, английский

Cold air return, английский
    The ductwork (and related grills) that carries room air back to the furnace for re-heating.

Cold allergy, английский

Cold backup, английский
    "холодное" резервное копирование; резервное копирование с остановом базы данных

Cold beetroot soup with cucumbers, eggs, kvass, английский

Cold bending., английский

Cold beverages, английский

Cold blast, английский
    Vent froid

Cold blast, английский

Cold blast addition, английский
    Addition de vent froid

Cold blast addition, английский

Cold blast valve, английский
    Vanne à vent froid

Cold blast valve, английский

Deformation, немецкий

Mechanical, английский

Cold joint, английский
  1. A soldered joint made with insufficient heat.

  2. A joint formed when a concrete surface hardens before the next batch of concrete is placed against it; characterized by a poor bond unless special procedures are observed. cold-laid mixture any mixture which may be spread and compacted at normal atmospheric temperature.

Circular mil, английский
  1. A unit of area equal to the area of a circle whose diameter is 1 mil (0.001 inch). used chiefly in specifying crosssectional areas of round conductors.

  2. Круговой мил (единица площади круга)

  3. Круговой мил (единица площади круга) см; с/м command module отсек управления; командный модуль, модульный отсек экипажа (кла)