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Continuous vulcanization

Wire and Cable Glossary
    Simultaneous extrusion and vulcanization of wire coating materials. it is abbreviated cv.

Continuous, английский
  1. Непрерывный

  2. Непрерывный; длительный; продолжающийся

  3. A продолженный, дли- тельный, непрерванный form, future, past, present contoid n контоид

Continuous (chain) broaching machine, английский

Continuous accessible path of travel, английский

Continuous acoustical ceiling, английский
    A suspended acoustical ceiling in which the top of a partition extends only to the lower surface of the ceiling.

Continuous action, английский

Continuous activated sludge process, английский

Continuous airborne missile alert, английский
    Постоянное дежурство в воздухе самолетов-ракетоносцев самеа canadian aircraft maintenance engineers association канадская ассоциация специалистов по техническому обслуживанию ла

Continuous aircraft reliability evaluation, английский
    Постоянная оценка надежности самолетов

Continuous analyzer, английский
    Анализатор непрерывного действия; непрерывный анализатор

Continuous area pattern mapping, английский

Continuous autofocus, английский
  1. (continuous-af) the autofocus system is full-time and works even before the shutter release is pressed.

  2. As it says. the auto focus system is continuously working on focussing on the subject.

Continuous beam, английский
    A beam which extends over three or more supports, joined together so that, for a given load on one span, the effect on the other spans can be calculated.

Continuous bit rate, английский
    Постоянная скорость передачи двоичных данных

Continuous block core., английский

Continuous calibration and alignment, английский

Continuous checking, английский

Continuous composite write, английский

Continuous composite write technology, английский
    Технология непрерывной комбинированной записи

Continuous control, английский

Continuous crop rotatio, английский

Continuous crop rotation, английский

Simultaneous, английский
  1. Одновременный

  2. A одновременный, синхронный component, interpreting

Vulcanization, английский
  1. An irreversible process during which a rubber compound through a change in its chemical structure (for example, crosslinking), becomes less plastic and more resistant to swelling by organic liquids and elastic properties are conferred, improved, or extend

  2. An irreversible process during which a rubber compound, through a change in its chemical structures, becomes less plastic, more resistant to swelling by organic liquids, and more elastic (or the elastic properties are extended over a greater range of temperature).

Abbreviated, английский

Contrahelical, английский
    A term meaning the application of two or more layers of spirally twisted, served, or wrapped materials where each successive layer is wrapped in the opposite direction to the preceding layer.

Conductor core, английский
    The center strand or member about which one of more layers of wires or members are laid helically to form a concentriclay or ropelay conductor.