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  1. Materiau;matière

  2. Mat.

  3. Mtl

  4. Материал

  5. Military equipages of all descriptions for the naval services. the bombs, blankets, beans and bulletins of the navy and marine corps. taken from nelson`s british navy as the u.s. services became professional. related: materiel – the military equipages of the army and air force, taken from napoleon`s french army as the u.s. services became professional.

  6. 1. matter which can be used to make something 2. cloth  the wound should be covered with gauze or other light material. 3. all that is necessary in surgery

  7. N материал | a материаль- ный analogy writing ~ материал для письма (кожа, перга- мент и проч. )

  8. A part’ of 3d content that provides texture to 3d geometries. combined with light

  9. Вещество, материал

Material, английский

Materiau;matière, французский

Материал (в штампе), русский

Материал, русский
    Материал, материя. , вещество, вещь

Mat, английский
  1. Multi-focal atrial tachycardia

  2. Колтун (комок свалявшейся шерсти); сваливаться в комки (о шерсти)

  3. Temporary roadway constructed of hardwood lumber.

  4. Manned antitank rocket

  5. Material

  6. Matrix

  7. Military aircraft type

  8. Missile acceptance team

  9. Mobile aerial target

  10. Multiple-purpose aerospace transport

  11. Medial-axis transformation

  12. Мат

  13. To prevent chafing, a thick mat is woven from strands of old rope, spun yarn, or foxes, containing each a greater or lesser number of rope-yarns, in proportion to the intended mat to be made. the largest and strongest kinds are called paunch-mats. the thrum-mat is precisely similar to the present cocoa-nut fibre door-mats. where it is possible, rounding is now used instead of mats, it being neater and holding less water.

  14. A fender woven from old rope or yarns (cf. collision mat).

  15. Message acknowledge time

  16. Multi-purpose access terminal (airbus)

  17. Manifold air temperature

Matl, английский

Mtl, английский
  1. Maltese lira

  2. Material

  3. Metal

  4. Логические схемы с совмещенными транзисторами

  5. The iso 4217 currency code for the maltese lira.

  6. Mersey travel ltd.: mtl trust holdings have the franchises for regional railways north east and merseyrail electrics.

Mtrl, английский

Вещественный, русский
    Вещественный , настоящий

Professional, английский
    The definition varies among associations but most term professional the following activities of a person over eighteen: being paid for riding, driving, or showing at halter; for training or boarding; for instructing; for conducting seminars or clinics; in some situations for being employed as a groom or farrier; for use of name or photo in connection with advertisement; for accepting prize money in classes.

Geometries, английский

Matériau, французский

Allumettes, французский