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Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Structure defects

    Defects in civil or electrical infrastructure items which have the potential to cause accidents unless urgent corrective action is taken.

Defect, английский
  1. One or more discontinuities that cause a testing failure in a weld.

  2. Crook, conk, decay, split, sweep, or other injury that decreases the amount of usable wood that can be obtained from a log (19).

  3. Неисправность, дефект

  4. Недостаток

  5. An undesirable blemish within the functional pattern or background of phototools

  6. In wood, a fault that may reduce its durability, usefulness, or strength.

  7. Дефект

  8. Дефект; неисправность; повреждение; недоработка

Defect, английский

Defect - an imperfection developing during drying that decreases the value of a piece of timber., английский

Defect card, английский
    Red card - a card placed in the waybill clip of a wagon to notify all concerned that particular vehicle is not fit for traffic and must be repaired prior to returning to traffic. green card - a card placed in the waybill clip of a vehicle to notify all concerned that repairs are required on that vehicle, however the vehicle may remain in traffic until it is operationally practicable to effect those repairs.

Defect card receptacle, английский

Defect chemistry, английский
    Химия дефектов

Defect equilibrium, английский
    Дефектное равновесие

Defect map, английский
    Карта дефектных зон

Defect prevention, английский
    Профилактика дефектов

Defect skip, английский
    Обход дефектного участка; пропуск дефекта defect-tolerant устойчивый к дефектам

Defectio, латинский

Defectio [onis, f], латинский

Defectio, onis, f, латинский

Defective, английский
  1. Неисправный, дефектный

  2. A person suffering from severe mental impairment (note: the

  3. A недостаточный (о глаголе) defining a определяющий feature

  4. Дефектный; неисправный; поврежденный

Defective block, английский
    Дефектный блок defective deviceнеисправное устройство

Defective feature, английский
    Недостаток (прототипов или предлагаемого решения)

Defective materiel report, английский
    Донесение о неисправной материальной части

Defective parts, английский

Defective shake-n-bake, английский

Defective spot, английский
    Дефектный участок

Defective track, английский
    Дефектная дорожка

Electrical, английский

Infrastructure, французский
    See railway civil infrastructure; electrical infrastructure; signalling and telecommunications infrastructure.

Corrective, английский
  1. A drug which changes the harmful effect of another drug corrigan’s pulse corrigan’s pulse /k?r?&?nz pls/

  2. Корректирующий

Electric traction infrastructure defects, английский
    Defects in electrical supply or overhead wiring sufficient to cause an electrical fault or dewirement.

Death (incident reporting), английский
    Death as a direct result of an incident.