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Echo loss

Англо-русский глоссарий по связи

    Aecho, английский

    Echo, английский
    1. The reflections of signal energy that cause it to return to the transmitter or to the receiver.

    2. Sound waves which have been reflected to a listener with sufficient magnitude and time delay so as to be perceived separately from those communicated directly to the listener.

    3. Enteric, cytopathogenic, human, orphan

    4. [1] the reflection of a sound or electronic signal from a target to a receiver (e.g., radar or sonar). [2] the letter “e” in the nato phonetic alphabet.

    Echo, английский

    Echo, английский

    Echo, английский

    Echo, испанский
      [eco] activa ('echo on') y desactiva ('echo off') la visualización de los caracteres en la pantalla que han sido enviados al 'host' remoto.

    Echo acknowledgement, английский

    Echo attenuation, английский
      Затухание отраженного сигнала; затухание эха

    Echo balance return loss, английский

    Echo cancellation, английский
    1. Эхоподавление

    2. Метод, применяемый в высокоскоростных дуплексных модемах для выявления и фильтрации нежелательного отраженного сигнала, возникающего при наложении диапазонов частот каналов передачи и приема

    3. Подавление эхо

    4. Эхо-компенсация; эхоподавление

    Echo canceller, английский
    1. Eliminates audio transmission echo. a telephone line echo canceller produces a synthetic replica of the echo it expects to see returning and subtracts it from the transmitted speech. the replica it creates is based on the transmission characteristics of the telephone cable between the echo canceller and the telephone set.

    2. Эхокомпенсатор

    Echo check, английский
      Эхоконтроль; эхопроверка

    Echo control device, английский

    Echo control device indicator, английский

    Echo curve, английский

    Echo loss (aecho), английский

    Echo on, английский
      Включить вывод

    Echo packets, английский

    Echo printing, английский

    Echo reduction, английский
      A newer method of echo control, developed in 1988, uses attenuation in a new way to subjectively reduce the returned echo without the mutilation (choppiness, level drops, distortion) found in suppressers or center clippers. it rapidly and momentarily applies a variable amount of attenuation in between transmitted speech peaks (where the echo would be audible). it compares the transmit and receive signals to determine the likelihood of objectionable echo in the transmit signal, then calculates and inserts the appropriate amount of attenuation for that instant to control the echo. during outgoing speech peaks, the echo is masked by the strong local speech and rendered inaudible to the listener so that no attenuation is required.

    Echo request, английский

    Aecho, английский

    Adaptive differential pulse code modulation, английский
      Адаптивная дифференциальная импульсно-кодовая модуляция