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Monte carlo value at risk

Глоссарий по риск-менеджменту
    A methodology for estimating value at risk (var) for complex portfolios.

Monte carlo value at risk (монте-карло var), русский
    Метод определения var для сложных портфелей.

Methodology, английский
  1. Методология

  2. N методология evaluation ~ методология оценки metonymic(al) a метонимический translation

  3. Методология; принцип

  4. A branch of the philosophy of science concerned with methods and techniques of scientific inquiry, their composition and ability to yield valid knowledge. although "methodology" is often confused with "methods", their referents are related just as biology is related to living organisms or as sociology is related to society. the aim of methodology then is to describe and analyze not the objects or the products but the processes of scientific inquiry, to investigate the potentialities and limitations of particular techniques, to reveal their presuppositions and epistemological consequences, to suggest structural reasons for successes and failures, and to develop, test and offer generalizations about scientific procedures. micrq-

Estimating, английский
  1. The process of calculating the cost of a project. this can be a formal and exact process or a quick and imprecise process.

  2. Составление сметы

Closed form value at risk, английский
    A methodology for estimating value at risk (var) for simple portfolios.

Capital at risk, английский
    A measure of credit risk