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Entropy unit

Словарь терминов и сокращений в авиации
    Единица энтропии

Entropy, английский
  1. Энтропия

  2. Entropy is a measure of the disorganization or information within a system. the entropy is lowest when there is a certain outcome or state, and highest when all the possible states are equally likely. for a discrete system with k states, it is defined as where pi is the probability of being in state i. see also: fuzzy entropy, maximum entropy principle.

  3. ->statistical entropy, a measure of variation, dispersion or diversity; ->thermodynamic entropy, a measure of unusable energy. the similarity between the two types of entropy is merely formal in that both are expressed as the logarithm of a probability. t

  4. The level of disorder in a system.

  5. From the second law of thermodynamics, the measure of disorder in a system.

  6. A measure of the level of disorder or randomness in a closed system. it can be thought of either in the sense of thermodynamic/metabolic processes or the increasing molecular disorder in a structure. it can be thought of as the same process by which erosion occurs when soil is exposed to rain and wind.

Entropy -, английский
    Энтропийная диаграмма

Entropy forward approach, английский
    Метод внесения неупорядоченности

Entropy per second, английский
    Энтропия в секунду

Entropy per symbol, английский
    Энтропия на символ

Unit, английский
  1. A unit refers to a container, trailer, or a container mounted onto a trailer.

  2. A member of a population.

  3. Блок; агрегат; единица; часть, подразделение

  4. Аккумуляторная установка с комбинированным приводом

  5. 1. a single part of a larger whole 2. a part of a hospital that has a specialised function  a burns unit 3. a named and agreed standard amount used for measuring something  a gram is an si unit of weight. 4. a quantity of a drug, enzyme, hormone or of blood, taken as a standard for measurement and producing a given effect  three units of blood  a unit of insulin 5. a machine or device  a waste-disposal unit ‘…the blood loss caused his haemoglobin to drop dangerously low, necessitating two units of rbcs and one unit of fresh frozen plasma’ [rn magazine] united kingdom central council for nursing, midwifery, and health visiting united kingdom central council for nursing, midwifery, and health visiting /ju na?t?d k??d?m sentr?l ka?ns?l f? n! s?? m?dw?f?ri ?nd hel? v?z?t??/

  6. A hospital, ward or unit which deals only with women giving birth

  7. N 1 единица; 2 единство translation formal ~ формальная единица functional ~ функциональная единица lexical ~ лексическая единица morpheme ~ морфемная единица phonetic ~ фонетическая единица phraseological ~ фразеологическая единица suprasentential ~ сверхфразовое единство

  8. A generic term for the military assets assigned to a single tactical commander. may be a single ship or aircraft, or a larger force.

  9. See: partially ordered set.

  10. More than one class of securities traded together (e.g., one common share and three subscription warrants).

  11. Uk expression usually meaning an electric or diesel multiple unit train.

Unit, английский
    Cool. example ice cube is unit.

Unit, английский

Unit, английский

Unit (% of iron in ore), английский
    Point de fer

Unit (% of iron in ore), английский

Unit (of measurement), английский
    Particular quantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which other quantities of the same kind are compared in order to express their magnitudes relative to that quantity (1)

Unit (для блока), русский

Unit (для блока), английский

Unit absorber, английский
    A sound-absorptive element which is designed for application on a wall or ceiling as a single unit; usually part of a spaced array of similar units.

Unit air conditioner, английский

Unit area loading, английский
    Удельная нагрузка (на единицу площади)

Unit authorization list, английский
    Технический паспорт на каждый действующий узел

Unit availability, английский
    Amount of time, expressed as a percentage or a decimal number, that a resource can be scheduled for assigned work. it refers to the availability of a resource; for example, a resource may be available 50%, 100%, or 300% of full time.

Unit benefit formula, английский
    Method used to determine a participant`s benefits in a defined benefit plan. involves multiplying years of service by the percentage of salary.

Equivalent unit, английский
  1. Эквивалентная единица - eu europium европий

  2. Условная единица

Electronic unit, английский
    Электронный блок