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Entropy per second

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Энтропия в секунду

Entropy, английский
  1. Энтропия

  2. Entropy is a measure of the disorganization or information within a system. the entropy is lowest when there is a certain outcome or state, and highest when all the possible states are equally likely. for a discrete system with k states, it is defined as where pi is the probability of being in state i. see also: fuzzy entropy, maximum entropy principle.

  3. ->statistical entropy, a measure of variation, dispersion or diversity; ->thermodynamic entropy, a measure of unusable energy. the similarity between the two types of entropy is merely formal in that both are expressed as the logarithm of a probability. t

  4. The level of disorder in a system.

  5. From the second law of thermodynamics, the measure of disorder in a system.

  6. A measure of the level of disorder or randomness in a closed system. it can be thought of either in the sense of thermodynamic/metabolic processes or the increasing molecular disorder in a structure. it can be thought of as the same process by which erosion occurs when soil is exposed to rain and wind.

Entropy -, английский
    Энтропийная диаграмма

Entropy forward approach, английский
    Метод внесения неупорядоченности

Entropy per symbol, английский
    Энтропия на символ

Entropy unit, английский
    Единица энтропии

Second, английский
  1. The sixtieth part of a minute of time

  2. Секунда; второй (летчик)

  3. Секунда; второй

  4. A unit of ary quality or one not meeting specified dimensions; a cull. secondary air 1. air which is introduced into a furnace (in addition to the primary air which enters either as a mixture with fuel or as blast underneath a stoker) above or around the flames to promote combustion. 2. air already in

  5. A unit of time equal to 1/60 of a minute  adjective coming after the first

  6. Num второй acquisition, language, logic, person, position, teaching

  7. Второй

  8. The sixtieth part of a minute. a division of a degree of a circle. a term applied both to time and to space. also, second in a duel; a very important part to play, since many a life may be saved without implicating honour.

  9. Sometimes used to designate a medium-quality drill diamond. see aa.

  10. Герц ~ of stress цикл напряжений ~ of use технологический цикл использования (напр, опалубочных конструкций)

  11. A climber who follows the lead, or first, climber.

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second, английский

Second échelon d’intervention, французский
    Second niveau ou élément de renfort d’intervention, de logistique et unités spécialisées, mobilisé pour renforcer des opérations en cours.

Second (or third) nuts, английский

Second allied tactical air force, английский
    2-е объединенное тактическое авиационное командование

Second arrival, английский
    Второе вступление

Second assistant engineer, английский
    In charge of twelve to four watch. on steam vessels has responsibility for the boilers, on diesels, the evaporators and the auxiliary equipment.

Second battle of the marne, английский
    A 1918 battle during world war i that marked the turning point in the war; allied troops along with americans halted the german advance into france.

Second best, английский
    Предмет или человек, занимающий второе место; не самое лучшее

Entropy per symbol, английский
    Энтропия на символ

Cmos ram, английский
    Энергонезависимая кмоп-память смот cmip для сетей tcp/ip; передача общей управляющей информации над протоколом tcp/ip смр коммуникационный многоцелевой кабель для воздуховодов