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Folding boxboard

Printing Glossary
    A folding boxboard is made up of multiple layers of pulp. folding boxboard is lightweight and highly stiff and is the perfect material for use in folding cartons.

Складной коробочный картон, русский

Картон для складных коробок, русский

Boxboard, английский

Fold, английский
  1. Folding

  2. A part of the body which is bent so that it lies on top of another part

  3. Согнуть (внутрь)

  4. A flexure of rock strata (e.g., an arch or a trough) produced by horizontal compression of the earth`s crust. see anticline, syncline.

Fold, английский

Fold & form lining, английский
    Method of pipeline rehabilitation in which a liner is folded to reduce its size before insertion and reversion to its original shape by the application of pressure and/or heat.

Fold (either a low round hill or a hollow), английский

Fold (four-fold), английский

Fold axis, английский
    The line along the ridge of an anticline or the bottom of a syncline.

Fold breccia, английский

Fold count, английский
    A value that represents the number of partitions that will be created within the original data set.

Fold fault, английский

Fold mark, английский
    Метки линии сгиба

Fold mountain, английский

Fold system, английский

Fold [structural geology], английский
    A curve or bend of a planar structure such as rock strata, bedding planes, foliation, or cleavage. gg

Fold-over top closure, английский

Fold-thrust, английский

Foldable tire (tyre), английский

Foldback, английский
    Also known as `fb` or `cue system`, a monitor system that permits musicians to hear previously recorded tracks, along with their live performance, through headphones.

Foldbelt, английский

Folded, английский

Folded (plate) structures, английский

Lightweight, английский
  1. Легкий; малого веса

  2. Человек, ниже среднего веса; животное или вещь легче стандартного веса несерьезный, поверхностный человек

Four colour process, английский
    Full colour printing using four constituent colours: cyan, yellow, magenta and black.

Folder-gluer, английский
    A modular machine that takes flat blanks through the folding and gluing process. folder-gluers can process a range of materials including solid cardboards, plastics, varnished boards, litho-laminates and microflutes.