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Cabinet lock

Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)
  1. A generic term to include all locks of any type for use on pieces of furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, chests, boxes and the like.

  2. A spring bolt.

Cabinet, английский
  1. Закрытый контейнер с дверцей (шириной, как правило, 19 дюймов), используемый для размещения и защиты телекоммуникационного оборудования, коммутационных панелей и соединительных кабелей. может иметь средства вентиляции и кондиционирования.

  2. A group of department heads who serve as the president’s chief advisers.

  3. A container that may enclose connection devices, terminations, and equipment

  4. Шкаф электроавтоматики (напр., станка, робота и т.п.) см. также соntrоl саbinеt

Cabinet, английский

Cabinet (1), английский

Cabinet (2), английский

Cabinet conditioner, английский

Cabinet drawer kicker, английский

Cabinet drawer runner, английский

Cabinet drawer stop, английский

Cabinet file, английский
    A single-cut file, half-round on one side, flat on the other.

Cabinet file viewer, английский
    Средство просмотра cab-файлов

Cabinet filler, английский
    A wood member which closes the space between cabinets and adjacent walls or ceilings.

Cabinet finish, английский
    A varnished or polished hardwood interior finish as distinguished from a painted softwood finish.

Cabinet heater, английский
    A heater containing a heating element enclosed in a metal cabinet, usually with an intake grille below, and an outlet for the heated air above; often contains a fan.

Cabinet jamb, английский
    A steel doorframe in three or more pieces applied as the finished frame over a rough buck.

Cabinet maker, английский

Cabinet maker, joiner, английский

Cabinet scraper, английский
    A flat steel blade used for smoothing a wood surface after it has been planed, or for scraping paint, etc., from the surface.

Cabinet scraper., английский

Cabinet secretaries, английский
    Кабинет министров

Cabinet security, английский

Casement door, английский
  1. A hinged door or pair of doors almost wholly glazed; often called a

  2. A french door.

Safe lock, английский
    A general term for the many varieties of key operated and other locks for safes.