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24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)

grain sueded
    A buffing process to raise the fibers on the grain side of a hide or skin to produce a velvet-like effect. this is also known as `nubuck` leather. ground: the background color of a printed fabric....
naked leather
    A dyed leather that has received no topical application that may mask or alter the natural state of the leather.
shrunken grain leather
    A full, natural grain leather that is shrunken to enlarge and enhance the grain character of the leather.
upholstry leather
    A general term for leather processed for many uses including applications, etc. up the roll: applied to furniture with the pattern or pile running vertically and the fabric cut on the straight gra...
natural grain
    A leather that retains the full, original grain.
    A manufactured product that imitates leather.
    A modifying secondary tannage applied after intermediate operations following the primary tannage to further enrich and enhance the quality of the leather. rolled arms: arms that flare out, then d...
    An animal belonging to the cattle or ox family. box-edged: square seat front with welting or sewn seam on top and bottom. box pleat: in upholstery, a fold of fabric to the left, followed by a fold...
    An important characteristic of full grain leather. due to its intact grain and pore structure, full grain leather breathes. this means that the leather adjusts to temperature and wicks away moistu...
top grain
    An over-used term commonly used to refer to corrected grain leather. see corrected grain. tight seat: in upholstery, a fully upholstered seat or back designed not to have a cushion.
enhanced full grain
    Full grain leather, which has received minor surface alteration to improve grain appearance. fabric backing:the extra layer applied to certain fabrics, such as chenille, for upholstery application...
strap leather
    Heavyweight, vegetable-tanned leather used for industrial purposes or to support seats and backs on certain types of seating.
side leather
    Hides that have been cut in half, forming two `sides` in order to better accommodate small tannery equipment.
degrained leather
    Leather from which the grain has been removed after tanning, by splitting, abrading or other processes. double welting: two parallel cords wrapped in fabric and used to trim upholstery seams and p...
buffed leather
    Leather from which the grain is removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder. this process is used in altered or corrected grain leather.
full grain
    Leather in which the grain layer or dermis has not been altered. the grain layer gives each type of leather its distinctive appearance.
split leather
    Leather made from the bottom split, or reticular layer of the hide, which has an imitation grain embossed into a heavily finished pigmented surface to simulate papillary leather.
chrome tannage
    Leather tanned with chromium salts resulting in soft, mellow hides receptive to excellent color variety. club chair: low-slung lounge or easy chair with squared back and arm, loose seat cushion. m...
    Leather that has been sprayed with a pigmented, opaque finish. pull down (also called a "stretcher cloth"): a strip of cloth sewed to the bottom of the inside arms and inside back in are...
combination tanning
    Leather that receives chrome and vegetable tannage producing suppleness and body in the hide. corner block: in furniture-making, a triangular wood block used for added strength, in concealed struc...
patent leather
    Leather with a glossy impermeable finish produced by successive coats of drying oils, varnish, or synthetic resins.
table run
    Leathers that are not graded. tack strips: strips of cardboard or metal that have tacks embedded. tannin
reconstructed leather
    Material composed of collagen fibers, obtained from macerated hide pieces, which have been reconstructed into a fibrous material. repeat: in fabric, a single complete unit of pattern as it repeats...
unfinished leather
    Normally defines aniline dyed, naked leathers with no additional application intended to finish, color or treat in any way that would alter the natural characteristics of the leather.
oak tannage
    Originally the tannage of leather was almost entirely with oak bark, later the term applied to tannage with a blend containing oak tannin. now, it is loosely applied to any tannage of heavy leathe...
    See retannage.
table dying
    The application of dyestuff to leather with a brush; the leather being laid on a table. also called brush coloring.
drum dying
    The application of dyestuffs to leather by the immersion of the leather in a drum that is tumbled. this process allows full dye penetration into the fiber. edgewire: spring-based decks are surroun...
vegetable tanning
    The conversion of rawhide into leather by use of vegetable tannins. this process produces leather with greater body and firmness than the more general method of chromium tanning. veneer: thin shee...
    The grain surface is abraded with brushes, emery wheel or sandpaper. leather is snuffed for the purpose of removing defective grain or sueding the surface of the leather. splat: vertical piece bet...
grain character
    The natural markings on the surface of the leather.
grain (leather)
    The outside of the hide or skin consisting of the pores, cells, wrinkles and other characteristics which constitute the natural texture of the leather.
brushed coloring
    The process of applying dyestuff to the leather by means of a brush. in this cosmetic process dyes are not saturated into the hide. butt joint: type of joint where wood ends meet perpendicularly a...
    The upper portion of the hide that has been separated from the reticular or split layer.
full hand
    This defines leather that is full bodied and robust. also called round hand or full round hand. gimp: a tightly woven fancy trim that resembles a braided ribbon. on upholstered furniture, gimp is ...
    To slice or split into a thin layer, or to reduce leather to a specific thickness.
    Untanned or partially tanned cattle hide.
embossed leather
    Usually corrected grain, in which a pattern is applied by extreme pressure in a press to give a unique design or imitation of full grain characteristics. sometimes leathers are embossed to make th...
fat wrinkle
    Wrinkles in the grain of leather caused by fat deposits in the animal that create beauty in the leather. fat wrinkles are not visible in imitation grain leather fiberfill: soft, synthetic material...
panel bed
    A bed that uses a panel of wood(or other materials) for the headboard and foot board.
canopy bed
    A bed with tall posts on each corner and a panel connecting the posts. decorative
    A cabinet that is put on top of a desk or a buffet. a buffet and hutch together form a
ladder-back chair
    A chair designed to have a back that looks like a ladder.
chaise recliner
    A chair that allows you to lean back and put up your feet.
camel back chair
    A chair that arches in the middle.
hitchcock chair
    A chair that has a rush or caned seat and an oval turned top rail. it also has a
fiddleback chair
    A chair with a fiddle-shaped back
chaise lounge
    A chair with a long bottom cushion to put legs up and relax. kind of a