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Anterior segment

Глосссарий терминов и сокращений по оптическим линзам
    The space in front of the iris and behind the cornea, which includes cornea, conjunctiva, iris, lens and aqueous humor.

Anterior, английский

Anterior (bna), английский

Anterior ascendens ramus (pna), английский

Anterior aspect, английский
    A view of the front of the body, or of the front of part of the body. see illustration at anatomical terms in supplement

Anterior chamber, английский
    Part of the aqueous chamber of the eye which is in front of the iris

Anterior crossbite, английский

Anterior descendens ramus (pna), английский

Anterior fontanelle, английский
    The cartilage at the top of the head where the frontal bone joins the two parietals

Anterior jugular, английский
    A small jugular vein in the neck

Anterior nares, английский
    The two nostrils. also called external nares

Anterior notch, английский

Anterior ramus (arteriae renalis) (pna), английский

Anterior ramus (pna), английский

Anterior superior iliac spine, английский
    A projection at the front end of the iliac crest of the pelvis

Anterior synechia, английский
    A condition of the eye, where the iris sticks to the cornea

Anterior tibial artery, английский

Anterior view, английский

Anterior [ius], латинский

Anterior-posterior, английский

Anteriora durae matris, английский

Conjunctiva, английский
  1. The thin, moist tissue (membrane) that lines the inner surfaces of the eyelids and the outer surface of the sclera and contains many blood vessels.

  2. A membrane which covers the front of the eyeball and the inside of the eyelids. see illustration at eye in supplement (note: the plural is conjunctivas or conjunctivae.)

Antimetropia, английский
    One eye myopic (near sighted), the other hyperopic (far sighted).

Anisometropia, английский
  1. Unequal different refractive errors of the two eyes. annealing - the heating of a material to a sufficiently high temperature with subsequent controlled cooling to relieve any internal stress and strains.

  2. A state where the refraction in the two eyes is different