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Edge bead

Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям

    Corner bead., английский

    Bead, английский
    1. A depressed or raised circle or ring around a container or closure.

    2. An inextensible hoop of high tensile steel wires which anchors the plies and conforms to the rim seat to hold the tire onto the wheel rim.

    3. Цепочка; цепочка ячеек

    Bead -, английский
      Остекление на штапиках или уплотняющих резиновых прокладках

    Bead and flush panel, английский

    Bead and quirk, английский

    Bead and reel molding. 5. a molding decorated with beading; an astragal, 1 or chaplet. 6. used in combination with other terms to describe the bayle 96 bay of an arcade bay window function or position of a beaded molding, such as quirk bead, angle bead, c, английский
      Bead and butt.

    Bead and reel., английский

    Bead core, английский
      Wire or filamentary fiber reinforcing hoop about which the bead is formed. see also bead filler.

    Bead filler, английский
      Solid rubber fillet that bonds the outer plies of a tire to the bead core.

    Bead flange, английский
      Fixed or removable lip on the outer periphery of a wheel that retains the tire. also rim flange. see also spring flange.

    Bead flatness, английский

    Bead forming, английский

    Bead heel, английский
      Part of the bead of a tire that fits into the angle formed by the rim and rim flange.

    Bead house, английский
      A dwelling for poor religious people, located near the church in which the founder was interred, and for whose soul the beadsmen or beadswomen were required to pray.

    Bead number, английский

    Bead plane, английский

    Bead router bits, английский
      A decorative profile. this bit is often used with a tongue-and- groove joint to hide a gap between boards.

    Bead seat, английский
    1. The inner ledge portion of the wheel rim where the tire bead rests adjacent to the flange.

    2. Part of a road wheel, below the bead lip, on which the tire bead is seated.

    Bead sight, английский

    Bead test, английский
      Исследование минералов с помощью паяльной трубки

    Bead tests, английский

    Bead vmit (vhova), венгерский

    Quoin block, английский

    Corner bead., английский