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24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям

    Warranty, английский
    1. Гарантия на элементы кабельных систем. на сертифицированные скс предоставляются, как правило, многолетние производственные гарантии.

    2. In construction there are two general types of warranties. one is provided by the manufacturer of a product such as roofing material or an appliance. the second is a warranty for the labor. for example, a roofing contract may include a 20 year material wa

    3. The contract of marine insurance, expressing a certain condition on the part of the insured, upon which the contract is to take effect; it is always a part of the written policy, and must appear on the face of it. in this it differs from representation (which see).

    4. Assurance by a seller that goods are exactly as described in a contract. breach of warranty can lead to cancellation of marine insurance.

    Upset price, английский

    Growth rate., английский