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Funda (discos fonográficos)

Глоссарий по архивному хранению медийных материалов

    Sleeve, английский
    1. Manchon

    2. A pipe which is passed through a wall for the purpose of inserting another pipe through it.

    3. Рукав; муфта

    4. A mating device of either split or solid construction, commonly made of ceramic or bronze, that is used to align two ferrules within an adapter

    5. Рукав

    6. The word formerly used to denote the narrows of a channel, and particularly applied to the strait of dover, still called la manche by the french. when napoleon was threatening to invade england, he was represented trying to get into a coat, but one of the sleeves utterly baffled him, whence the point: “il ne peut pas passer la manche.”

    7. [1] a fabric tube towed by an aircraft as an anti-aircraft practice target. also drogue. [2] the narrows of a channel. [3] the strait of dover (obsolete in english, but still used by the french in la manche).

    Slewing, английский

    Carpeta (discos fonográficos), испанский