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International Bareboat Skipper (IYT)
  1. To reduce the power in the sails by: 1

  2. Luffing, pointing the boat too close to the wind so that the sails are unable to draw power. 2

  3. Easing the sheets so that the sails flutter 3

  4. Stalling. sheeting the sails in so hard that the airflow over them stalls. dinghy, a small sailboat or rowboat. displacement. the weight of the boat; therefore the amount of water that it displaces.

Displacement, английский
  1. Перемещение

  2. Водоизмещение

  3. The weight of water displaced by the immersed volume of a ship`s hull, exactly equivalent to the weight of the whole ship.

  4. The weight, in tons of 2,240 pounds, of the vessel and its contents. calculated by dividing the volume of water displaced in cubic feet by 35, the average density of sea water.

  5. Перемещение, сдвиг, весовое водоизмещение,

  6. The fact of being moved out of the usual position  fracture of the radius together with displacement of the wrist

  7. Водоизмещение судна

  8. Водоизмещение; водоизмещающее плавание

  9. The centre of gravity of the displacement relates to the part of the ship under water, considered as homogeneous. the weight of water which a vessel displaces when floating is the same as the weight of the ship. (see centre of cavity.)

  10. Weight of a vessel expressed as either the number of long tons, or the cubic feet of water, displaced by the hull (1 ton = 35 cu.ft of seawater or 35.9 cu.ft of fresh).

  11. The volume of liquid delivered by a single stroke of a pump piston.

  12. Sometimes used as a synonym for offset deflec tion, deviation, dislocation, throw.

  13. The capacity of an air compressor, usually ex pressed in cubic feet of air per minute (c.f.m.).

  14. The weight of water dislocated by the hull of a vessel.

  15. The weight of a boat measured according to the weight of water it displaces. a boat displaces an amount of water equal to the weight of the boat, so the boat’s displacement and weight are identical.

  16. Изменение линейного или углового положения* перемещение, отклонение органа управления

  17. The product of stroke and of cylinder bore and number of cylinders of an engine, representing the theoretical volume of (incompressible) working fluid that can be drawn into an engine with each cycle. see also capacity and swept volume. 45

  18. Displacement is where you change your nearest relative. the process of changing the nearest relative is often known as ‘displacement proceedings’. your nearest relative can be displaced if you or the local authority have concerns about the way that they are behaving. see our pages on the nearest relative for more information.

Shake out, английский
  1. To remove a reef.

  2. Отдать риф

  3. To undo reefs and spread a sail.

  4. To remove a reef from a sail.

Reo i1, английский
    To pass a line through a ring or block. rhumb line. a straight line drawn on a mercator chart, which intersects all meridians at the same angle. accurate enough for courses of less than 600 miles. for great distances a great circle route is used.