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Calculate, to

Глоссарий морской лексики и терминологии (английский язык)
    This word, though disrated from respectability by american misuse, signified to foretell or prophesy; it is thus used by shakspeare in the first act of “julius c?sar.” to calculate the ship`s position, either from astronomical observations or rate of the log.

Astronomical, английский

Observations, английский
    Замечания эксперта (по существу заявки)

Calf, or calva, английский
    A norwegian name, also used in the hebrides, for islets lying off islands, and bearing a similar relation to them in size that a calf does to a cow. as the calf at mull and the calf of man.

Calavance, английский
    [phaseolus vulgaris. haricot, fr.] small beans sometimes used for soup, instead of pease.