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Inferencing algorithm

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Алгоритм логического вывода

Algorithm, английский
  1. Set of rules or steps for performing a desired operation. an algorithm can be performed by anything that can be taught or programmed to follow a specific and unambiguous set of instructions.

  2. A mathematical routine that solves a problem or equation. in imaging, the term is usually used to describe the set of routines that make up a compression or color management program.

  3. 1. rule of thumb for doing something with a semblance of intelligence. for example, a descrambling algorithm will yield a clear, unscrambled message from an apparently meaningless one. 2. the procedure used for performing a task.

  4. Алгоритм

  5. N алгоритм backward ~ алгоритм обратного хода baum–welsh ~ алгоритм баума-уэлша forward ~ алгоритм прямого хода viterbi ~ алгоритм витерби allative a аллативный, направительный case allegoric(al)

  6. A technique or method that can be used to solve certain problems.

  7. A series of step-by-step instructions or calculations to solve an instance of a problem. there are fundamentally two ways that algorithms are implemented by ai: explicit engineering of the algorithm (e.g., in symbolic reasoning and expert systems) or by machine learning, where the algorithm is derived from data or feedback from interactions.

  8. A method or script for creating an outcome. for synthesizers, an algorithm generally refers to the parameter values that create a specific sound.

  9. An explicit procedure for performing a complex operation by carrying out a precisely determined and finite sequence of simple operations. e.g., the multiplication of large numbers in small steps involving only single-digit multiplications and additions, the detailed instruction for assemblying a piece of electronic equipment from components, a recipe. algorithms can vary greatly in complexity and there are usually more than one for reaching a desired end. algorithms have greatly enhanced the human capacity for performing complex intellectual tasks by organizing detailed plans, scripts and procedures hierarchically (->hierarchy). algorithms are also built into formal social organizations which are geared to achieve particular ends. finally, algorithms are the subject of all computer programs and the object of higher order programming languages. algorithms leave nothing undefined and require no intuition to achieve their end.

  10. A rule or procedure for solving a problem. alias (n)

  11. A set of instructions for accomplishing a task that when executed will terminate.

Algorithm, русский

Algorithm and program library, английский
    Библиотека алгоритмов и программ

Algorithm approach, английский

Algorithm collection, английский
    Библиотека алгоритмов

Algorithm complexity, английский
    Сложность алгоритма

Algorithm convergence, английский
    Сходимость алгоритма

Algorithm elaboration, английский
    Построение алгоритмов; разработка алгоритмов

Algorithm equivalence, английский
    Эквивалентность алгоритмов

Algorithm flexibility, английский
    Гибкость алгоритма

Algorithm for arithmetic operation, английский
    Алгоритм арифметической операции

Algorithm for path connections, английский
    Алгоритм трассировки по сетке

Algorithm for the inversion, английский
    Алгоритм инверсии

Algorithm optimization, английский
    Оптимизация алгоритмов

Algorithm properties, английский
    Свойства алгоритма

Algorithm scheme, английский
    Схема алгоритмов algorithm-specific алгоритмически специализированный; функционально специализированный

Algorithm system, английский
    Алгоритмическая система algorithm theoryтеория алгоритмов

Algorithm translation, английский
    Перевод алгоритма; трансляция алгоритма

Algorithm validation, английский
    Проверка правильности алгоритма

Algorithm(1), английский
    A formal statement, clear complete and unambiguous, of how a certain process needs to be undertaken. also see : algorithm(2).

Algorithm(2), английский
    An algorithm(1) expressed in a programming language for a computer .

Branch and bounds algorithm, английский
    Алгоритм метода ветвей и границ

Logarithmic search algorithm, английский
    Алгоритм логарифмического поиска