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04 июля, 2022

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30 июня, 2022

Перевод песни: что учитывать и какую технику выбрать

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Оригинал; эталон; образец; шаблон;

Информационные технологии (словарь)

    Master, английский
    1. An attorney who is appointed by the judges of a circuit court with the approval of the chief judge of the court of appeals, to conduct hearings and to make finding of facts, conclusions of law, and recommendations as to an appropriate order

    2. Главный [управляющий] прибор; бр командир летающей лодки; основной двигатель

    3. Miniaturized aircraft sink rate telemetering

    4. Modis/aster airborn simulator (nasa)

    5. 1. the captain of a commercial vessel.

    6. The original video tape, audio tape or film of a finished product. usually stored in a vault or area protected from the environment. dubs are made from the master. once the master is worn out, it can not be replicated.

    7. Keyed (locks or latches) a lock or latch capable of being operated also by a master key as well as its own change or servant key.

    8. Задатчик манипулятора

    9. The epithet for the captain or commander of a merchant vessel. when england first became a maritime power, ships with sailors, and a master to navigate, were furnished by the cinque ports, &c., and the fighting part of the men was composed of soldiers sent on board, commanded by generals, &c. among the early voyagers there was a distinction between master and maister, the latter being the office; as, “we spoke the dragon, whereof master ivie was maister,” in welsh`s voyage to benin, a.d. 1590. in most applications, master denotes chief; as master boat-builder, master caulker, master sail-maker, &c.

    10. [1] one eminently skilled at something (e.g., master craftsman, master shipwright, master gunner, etc.). [2] the proper title of the officer commanding a merchantman (who is often called “captain” as a courtesy). the master stands no regular watches, but oversees navigation of the vessel when under pilotage, in close waters, or during foul weather. he or she is officially the owner’s representative rather than a member of the crew, and as such deals with port authorities, charterers, and the like. being effectively the vessel’s ceo, the master is responsible for all its operations, including safety, cargo, records, etc., as well as navigation, catering, and engineering. [3] formerly, the warrant officer responsible for a warship’s navigation (see also sailing master and master mariner). the relationship between the ship’s master and its captain was described by john smith in 1627: the captain’s charge is to command all and tell the maister to which port hee will go ... in a fight hee is to give direction to the managing thereof. the maister is to see to the cunning (conning) of the shippe ... and his mates are to direct the course, command all the sailers, for stearing, trimming the sailes, and sailing the shippe.

    11. When syncing two devices together, the controlling device becomes the master and the other device becomes the slave. the slave only responds to commands from the master; it does not also control the master. when syncing a sequencer to tape, the tape deck usually acts as the master and the sequencer becomes the slave.

    12. A shape on a stencil that you use repeatedly to create drawings.

    13. A slide view or page on which you define formatting for all slides or pages in your presentation. each presentation has a master for each key component: slides, title slides, speaker’s notes, and audience handouts.

    Автоматически генерировать вектор прерывания, русский

    Реализовывать; осуществлять, русский