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Diamond Glossary (алмазы и бриллианты - глоссарий терминологии)
    As used by the diamond-cutting and diamond-besetting industries, the more or less flat diamond fragments produced by splitting a crystalline diamond along the octahedral plane. such fragments are used primarily as a material from which special-shaped, diamond-pointed cutting tools are produced.

Crystalline, английский
  1. A substance or rock composed largely or wholly of mineral crystals.

  2. Transparent, clear, or pure.

  3. Made up of crystals. the term crystalline applies to sections of all chemical fibers, which consists of alternate crystalline and amorphous (noncrystalline) regions. these regions are influenced by manufacturing conditions and to some extent can be controlled. the degree of crystallinity influences the physical properties of fibers.

Octahedral, английский

Basic price, английский
    As used by the drilling and mining industries, a guaranteed price to be paid for a specific quantity of materials or type of service.

Electrolytic process, английский
    As used by the diamond-bit-setting industry, the process in which the chemical decompositional effects of subjecting metal objects immersed in an acidic solution to a flow of direct electric current is utilized to dissolve the metal in the crown of a worn diamond bit to free and salvage the diamonds.