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Powder box

Глоссарий горнодобывающей промышленности

    Box, английский
    1. Synonym for a container.

    2. Notch (24)

    3. Блок (в блок-схеме); квадрат (в алгоритме)

    4. Shipping container (usa).

    5. In an air-conditioning system, a variable air valve with an auxiliary fan to mix induced air from a ceiling plenum with the primary air.

    6. The space between the back-board and the stern-post of a boat, where the coxswain sits.

    7. [1] a container with firm flat sides, used for certain types of solid cargo. [2] see box the compass, boxhaul, and carrier box.

    8. Boxstall, a four-sided stall to confine a horse.

    9. The actual physical location at a brokerage house or bank where securities or other documents are stored for safekeeping. alternatively, a quotation machine or battery march. also known as `the cage.`

    10. Отделенная перегородкой часть таверны, харчевни большой сундук, раскрывающийся как шкаф

    11. Uk railway term for signal box or signal cabin. known as a tower in the us.

    Box, английский

    Box, английский

    Box, английский

    Box, английский

    Box, английский

    Box, английский

    Box (3), английский

    Box - shaped module, английский

    Box - type foundation, английский

    Box 39-1 305 29., английский

    Box anchor, английский
      Application of four (4) rail anchors to a sleeper, that is, two (2) to each rail with one on each side of the sleeper.

    Box annealing, английский

    Box barrow, английский

    Box beam, английский
    1. A built-up beam with solid timber flanges (a) and plywood or wood-base panel product webs (b).

    2. A built‑up beam with solid wood flanges and plywood or wood-‑based panel product webs.

    Box beam [girder], английский

    Box beam., английский

    Box bell, английский

    Box bill, английский
      Bell tap

    Box bolt, английский
      A sliding bolt which is rectangular in cross section; attached to a door at the edge, it slides into a receptacle to secure the door.

    Box canyon, английский

    Powder carrier, английский

    Powder barrel, английский