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Alkali metals

Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    A group of soft, very reactive elements that includes lithium, sodium, and potassium.

Щелочные металлы, русский
  1. , химические элементы li, na, k, rb, cs, fr. название от щелочей - гидроксидов щелочных металлов.

  2. Металлы первой группы периодической системы, а именно: литий, натрий, калий, рубидий, цезий и франций. они образуют строго щелочные гидроксиды, отсюда и их название.

Alkali, английский
  1. Alcalin (nom)

  2. Any substance having basic (as opposed to acidic) properties. in a restricted sense it is applied to the hydroxides of ammonium, lithium, potassium and sodium. alkaline materials in lubricating oils neutralize acids to prevent acidic and corrosive wear in internal combustion engines.

  3. Щёлочь

  4. A substance which, when dissolved in water, forms a solution with a ph more than 7.

  5. Any of the various chemically active bases such as the soluble salts of metals, e.g., the water-soluble salts of sodium and potassium which occur in constituents of concrete and mortar that may result in deleterious expansion. alkali-aggregate reaction a chemical reaction in mortar or concrete between alkalies from portland cement or other sources and certain constituents of some aggregates; under certain conditions, deleterious expansion of the concrete or mortar may result.

  6. One of many substances which neutralise acids and form salts (note: the uk plural is alkalis, but the us plural is alkalies.)

  7. A sodium-carbonate, potassium-carbonate or, more commonly, any bitter-tasting salt or water, generally occurring in arid and semiarid regions.

Alkali, английский

Alkali, финский

Alkali bentonite, английский

Alkali earth, английский

Alkali feldspar, английский
    Group of feldspars composed of mixtures, or mixed crystals, of

Alkali flat, английский
    Мелкий периодически пересыхающий солоноватый водоем all-news format вид радиопередачи, когда каждые четверть часа передается краткая сводка последних известий, а в начале часа - подробная сводка новостей

Alkali garnet, английский

Alkali granite, английский

Alkali halide crystal, английский

Alkali ion diode, английский
    Sensor type for halogen gases. in this device, positive ions (cations) of an alkali metal are produced on the heated surfaces (usually platinum) of the diode. one electrode is at a negative potential and attracts cations that are released when a halogen gas passes between the sensor electrodes. provides an output current to operate the indicator on the halogen leak detector.

Alkali metal, английский

Alkali metal beryllium borate fluoride, английский

Alkali reactivity, английский
    Of a concrete aggregate, its susceptibility to alkali-aggregate reaction. alkali resistance 1. the degree to which a paint resists reaction with alkaline materials such as lime, cement, plaster, soap, etc.; a necessary property for paints in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries. 2. the degree to which a porcelain enamel will resist attack by aqueous alkaline solutions. alkali-silica reaction in portland cement, the reaction between the alkalies and particular siliceous rocks and/or minerals which are present in some aggregates; may result in abnormal expansion and cracking of concrete under service conditions.

Alkali resistance, английский

Alkali soil, английский
    A soil, with salts injurious to plant life, having a ph value of 8.5 or higher.

Alkali soluble, английский

Alkali subbentonite, английский

Alkali water, английский
    A water having a bitter or sodalike taste. if strongly alkaline, the water is unfit to drink or use in mixing cements.

Alkali [is, n], латинский

Amino acids, английский
  1. Simple organic compounds composed of carboxyl (-co2–) and amino (-nh3+) groups that are the fundamental building blocks of proteins.

  2. Amino acids are building blocks that help facilitate collagen production (more on that below). essentially they support your skin`s structure (the bounce, shape, etc.) they`re also responsible for maintaining skin`s hydration, texture, and elasticity. sun damage, aging, and environmental pollutants can all contribute to reducing the amino acids in your skin.

  3. The “building blocks” of proteins that help the skin produce collagen, elastic, keratin, and more—and in turn, which keep skin firm and supple.

3d printing, английский
    A top-down method of printing where polymers are deposited layer by layer to produce a 3d structure.