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Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    The study of the influence of an electric field on the optical properties of matter — especially in crystalline form — such as transmission, emission, and absorption of light. also known as optoelectronics.

Properties, английский
  1. A dockable window that displays the properties that are set on the selected object. in most cases, the property values can be edited in the window.

  2. A ui element that users can click to display information about a selected object.

Especially, английский

Crystalline, английский
  1. A substance or rock composed largely or wholly of mineral crystals.

  2. Transparent, clear, or pure.

  3. Made up of crystals. the term crystalline applies to sections of all chemical fibers, which consists of alternate crystalline and amorphous (noncrystalline) regions. these regions are influenced by manufacturing conditions and to some extent can be controlled. the degree of crystallinity influences the physical properties of fibers.

Transmission, английский
  1. Passage of electromagnetic radiation through a medium.

  2. Transmisión

  3. The property in a merchantman, or a share therein, transmitted in

  4. Передача; привод; коробка передач; трансмиссия; прохождение; распространение ~ of loads передача нагрузок

  5. The transport of high voltage electricity. this is achieved with a transmission network (or grid). generally the network will connect large generators to lower voltage distribution networks where it will be transported to the majority of electricity consumers. alternatively, large scale electricity users may connect directly to the transmission network. management of transmission is a natural monopoly due to the economies of scale inherent to it. transmission system operator (tso) (also transmission network operator-

  6. The sending of information over a communications line or a circuit.

  7. The transportation of electric energy in bulk from a source or sources of supply to other systems or parts of a single system.

  8. Transfer of pathogens from one host to another

Absorption, немецкий

Optoelectronics, английский
  1. The technology of electronic devices that interact with light

  2. Оптоэлектроника

Optoelectronic, английский
    Pertaining to a device that responds to optical power, emits or modifies optical radiation, or utilizes optical radiation for its internal operation

Excited states, английский
    In quantum mechanics, all levels of energy above the lowest or ground state (also known as equilibrium). excited states are ranked in order of increasing energy; that is, the second excited state has higher energy than the first.

Electron tunneling, английский
    The passage of electrons through a barrier that, according to the principles of classical mechanics, cannot be breached. an example of electron tunneling is the passage of an electron through a thin insulating barrier between two superconductors. electron tunneling is a pure quantum mechanical effect that cannot be explained by a classical theory.