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Ion channel

Глоссарий терминов в нанотехнологиях
    A protein-coated pore in a cell membrane that selectively regulates the diffusion of ions into and out of the cell, allowing only certain ion species to pass through the membrane.

Channel, английский
  1. Среда передачи сигналов между двумя устройствами активного оборудования, включающая линию, абонентские и сетевые кабели.

  2. Канал

  3. Включает следующие элементы: кроссировочный шнур, разъём распределительной панели, кабель горизонтальной проводки, разъём абонентской розетки и соединительный шнур

  4. Канал, то есть две параллельные линии трендов (см. “линии трендов”);

  5. Пределы, в которых происходит движение цены.

  6. One piece of information stored with an image. true color images, for instance, have three channels-red, green and blue.

  7. A signal path of specified bandwidth for conveying information. 1. a halfcircuit; 2. a radio frequency assignment (which is dependent upon the frequency band and the geographic location). capacity in a cable television system is the number of channels that can be simultaneously carried on the system. generally defined in terms of the number of 6 mhz (television bandwidth) channels.

  8. A communications path or the signal sent over that path. through multiplexing several channels, voice channels can be transmitted over an optical channel.

  9. One piece of information stored with an image. for example, a true colour image has 3 channels, red, green and blue.

  10. (nav.) канал, пролив

  11. Канал (укв радиосвязи)

  12. A (usually narrow) lane, marked by buoys, in which the water is deep enough to allow a vessel safe passage.

  13. Швеллер (профиль)

  14. In hydrography, the fair-way, or deepest part of a river, harbour, or strait, which is most convenient for the track of shipping. also, an arm of the sea, or water communication running between an island or islands and the main or continent, as the british channel. in an extended sense it implies any passage which separates lands, and leads from one ocean into another, without distinction as to shape.

  15. [1] the navigable part of a waterway. [2] a length of water, wider than a strait, linking two seas or oceans. [3] a gutter.

  16. A single path of an audio channel. usually, each channel contains a different signal or one half of a stereo pair.

  17. That part of a communication chain in which signals are transmitted from a sender to a receiver. unlike other processes in a communication chain (e.g., encoding, decoding, translation, transformation), a channel involves a single physical medium that spans the difference in time and in space which separates senders from receivers. a memory is that special case of a channel in which the sender transmits signals to himself at a later point in time. a channel is characterized by the physical properties of its medium and imposes a constraint on the capacity for communication

  18. A drop-down list from which users can select the method of distribution (for a campaign activity), or the method of how a customer’s case will be handled (for an entitlement).

  19. A medium for transferring information. depending on its type, a communications channel can carry information (data, sound, and/or video) in either analog or digital form. a communications channel can be a physical link, such as the cable connecting two stations in a network, or it can consist of some electromagnetic transmission on one or more frequencies within a bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum, as in radio and television, or in optical, microwave, or voice-grade communication.

  20. A path enabling one inbound or outbound call. calling channels are a means of having concurrent calls on pbx.

  21. A path through which information passes between two computers or devices. it can refer to the physical medium (such as wires) or to a set of properties that distinguishes one channel from another.

  22. The distribution method used for a campaign activity in a marketing campaign.

  23. In biology, mechanism functioning as a band pass filter in the visual cortex of mammals, causing sensitivity to visual stimuli in particular frequencies and range. see also vision.

Channel, английский

Channel, английский

Channel (1, 2), английский

Channel (radio), английский
    Звуковой тракт

Channel (rate), английский

Channel -, английский
    Русловые отложения deep ~ высокая насыпь

Channel access protocol, английский

Channel address, английский
    Канальный адрес; адрес канала

Channel address word, английский
    Адресное слово канала

Channel administrator, английский
    Администратор каналов; распорядитель каналов

Channel agility, английский
    The switching of frequencies within a given bandwidth during a point-to-point transmission.

Channel allocation, английский
    Распределение каналов

Channel alluvium, английский

Channel and traffic control agency, английский
    Отдел управления полетами стратегического авиационного командо!ва`ния ввс

Channel assignment, английский
    Распределение каналов

Channel associated signaling, английский
  1. Сигнализация о состоянии, при котором сигналы связываются с определенным устройством

  2. Сигнализация по индивидуальному выделенному каналу

Channel bank, английский
  1. A device that performs multiplexing or demultiplexing of a group of communications channels into one channel of higher bandwidth or higher digital bit rate.

  2. Группа каналов; оборудование подключения нескольких голосовых каналы к высокоскоростному каналу (за счет преобразования голоса в цифровую форму и мультиплексирования tdm)

  3. Channel terminal equipment used for combining (multiplexing) channels on a frequency-division or time-division basis.

Channel bar, английский

Channel beam, английский
    A structural member having a u-shaped cross section. channel, 1

Channel bit, английский
    Канальный бит

Ion conductors, английский
    The discharge of charged particles in a fluid electrolyte to conduct an electrical current.

Infrared (ir) spectroscopy, английский
    A technique in which infrared light is passed through matter and some of the light is absorbed by inciting molecular vibration. the difference between the incident and the emitted radiation reveals structural and functional data about the molecule.