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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese)

    The pointed top of the scapula, which forms the tip of the shoulder
long adductor
    adduttore lungo;
    1. Алатау (назв. горн, хребтов средней азии)

    2. Army launch area

    3. American library assn.
    ala; army launch area; american library assn.;
    dental alveolus
      alveolo dentario;
        A small triangular muscle at the back of the elbow
      1. Ano

      2. A short passage after the rectum at the end of the alimentary canal, leading outside the body between the buttocks and through which faeces are passed. see illustration at diges... ano; ano. sieso;
          A small projection on the outer ear opposite the tragus
          third finger
            1. Aorta

            2. The main artery in the body, which sends blood containing oxygen from the heart to other blood vessels around the body. see illustration at heart in supplement comment: the ao... aorta; aorta;
            abdominal aorta
              The part of the aorta which lies between the diaphragm and the point where the aorta divides into the iliac arteries. see illustration at kidney in supplement
            aorta addominale;
            ascending aorta
              The first section of the aorta as it leaves the heart and turns upwards. compare descending aorta
            aorta ascendente;
            descending aorta
              The second section of the aorta, which turns downwards. compare ascending aorta
            aorta discendente;
            1. Additive system of photographic exposure

            2. Вершина

            3. Analysis of performances and expenditures

            4. Ariane passengers experiments

            5. Additive system of photogra... apice; additive system of photographic exposure; a; analysis of performances and expenditures; ariane passengers experiments; песковая насадка; advanced processor extension; гребень антиклинали; вал,земляной; вершина; высшая точка;
            digestive system
            1. Sistema digestivo

            2. The set of organs such as the stomach, liver and pancreas which are associated with the digestion of food. also called alimentary system
            apparato digerente;
              apparato respiratorio;
              respiratory system
              1. Sistema respiratorio

              2. The series of organs and passages which take air into the lungs, and exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide

              3. Дыхательная система
              apparato respiratorio; sistema respiratorio; rs; дыхательная система;
                apparato urinario;
                inferior dental arch
                  arcata dentale inferiore;
                  superior dental arch
                    arcata dentale superiore;
                    arch of aorta
                      arco aortico;
                      aorta arch
                        arco dell’aorta;
                        palataglossal arch
                          arco palatoglosso;
                            1. the coloured part round a nipple 2. in the eye, the part of the iris closest to the pupil
                          areola; пал. ареола;
                          aorta artery
                            arteria aorta;
                            arch of foot artery
                              arteria arcuata;
                              axillary artery
                                An artery leading from the subclavian artery in the armpit
                              arteria ascellare;
                              brachial artery
                                An artery running down the arm from the axillary artery to the elbow, where it divides into the radial and ulnar arteries
                              arteria brachiale;
                              common carotid artery
                                The main artery running up each side of the lower part of the neck. also called carotid
                              arteria carotide comune;
                              dorsalis pedis artery
                                arteria dorsale del piede;
                                femoral artery
                                1. Arteria femoral

                                2. A continuation of the external iliac artery, which runs down the front of the thigh and then crosses to the back of the thigh
                                arteria femorale;
                                common iliacvein
                                  arteria iliaca comune;
                                  common iliac artery
                                    One of two arteries which branch from the aorta in the abdomen and in turn divide into the internal iliac artery, leading to the pelvis, and the external iliac artery, leading to the leg
                                  arteria iliaca comune;
                                  internal iliac artery
                                    An artery which branches from the aorta in the abdomen and leads to the pelvis
                                  arteria iliaca interna;
                                  inferior mesenteric artery
                                    One of the arteries which supply the transverse colon and rectum
                                  arteria mesenterica inferiore;
                                  superior mesenteric artery
                                    One of the arteries which supply the small intestine
                                  arteria mesenterica superiore;
                                  pulmonary artery
                                  1. Arteria pulmonar

                                  2. One of the two arteries which take deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs for oxygenation. see illustration at heart in supplement
                                  arteria polmonare;
                                  renal artery
                                    One of two arteries running from the abdominal aorta to the kidneys
                                  arteria renale;
                                  subclavian artery
                                    arteria succlaia;
                                    anterior tibial artery
                                      arteria tibiale anteriore;
                                      articulation, joint
                                        articolazione ;
                                        optic axis
                                          asse visivo;
                                            1. Advanced tactical lightweight air superiority

                                            2. Antitank laser assisted system

                                            3. The top vertebra in the spine, which supports the skull and pivots on the axis or second vert... atlante; горн. сист. атлас (алжир, марокко и тунис); advanced tactical lightweight air superiority; antitank laser assisted system;
                                            right atrium
                                              atrio destro;
                                              1. Pelvis

                                              2. 1. the strong basinshaped ring of bone near the bottom of the spine, formed of the hip bones at the front and sides and the sacrum and coccyx at the back 2. the internal spac... bacino ; pelvis;
                                                Any muscle formed of two parts joined to form one tendon, especially the muscles in the front of the upper arm (biceps brachii) and the back of the thigh (biceps femoris).  triceps (note: the plu... bicipite;
                                              biceps of arm
                                                bicipite brachiale;
                                                femoral biceps
                                                  bicipite femorale;
                                                  1. Bilis

                                                  2. A thick bitter brownish yellow fluid produced by the liver, stored in the gall bladder and used to digest fatty substances and neutralise acids (note: for other terms referrin... bile;
                                                      bronchi ; bronquio;
                                                      terminal bronchiole
                                                        bronchiolo terminale;
                                                        1. Bronquio

                                                        2. One of the two air passages leading from the trachea into the lungs, where they split into many bronchioles. see illustration at lungs in supplement (note: the plural is br... bronco;
                                                        right bronchus
                                                          bronco destro;
                                                          hair bulb
                                                            bulbo del pelo;
                                                            olfactory bulb
                                                              The end of the olfactory tract, where the processes of the sensory cells in the nose are linked to the fibres of the olfactory nerve
                                                            bulbo olfattivo;
                                                            piliferous bulb
                                                              bulbo pilifero;
                                                                The heel bone, situated underneath the talus. see illustration at foot in supplement
                                                                1. An ornament resembling the outer protective covering of a flower; found, for example,

                                                                2. A part of the body shaped like a cup especially the tube leading to a renal pyramid. see illust... calice;
                                                                anterior chamber
                                                                  Part of the aqueous chamber of the eye which is in front of the iris
                                                                camera anteriore;
                                                                anterio chamber
                                                                  camera anteriore;
                                                                  posterior chamber
                                                                  1. The space between the back of the iris and the front face of the vitreous; filled with aqueous fluid.

                                                                  2. A part of the aqueous chamber which is behind the iris. compare anterior chambe... camera posteriore;
                                                                  pulp chamber
                                                                    camera pulpare;
                                                                    root canal
                                                                    1. Endodoncia, tratamiento de conductos

                                                                    2. Канал корня зуба

                                                                    3. A canal in the root of a tooth through which the nerves and blood vessels pass

                                                                    4. Канал корня
                                                                    canale della radice; канал корня зуба; conducto radicular; rc; канал корня;
                                                                    leteral semicircular canal
                                                                      canale semicircolare laterale;
                                                                      posterior semicircular canal
                                                                        canale semicircolare posteriore;
                                                                        superior semicircular canal
                                                                          canale semicircolare superiore;
                                                                          semicircular canals
                                                                            canali semicircolari;
                                                                            capillary blood vessel
                                                                              right lung capillaries
                                                                                capillari del polmone destro;
                                                                                left lung capillaries
                                                                                  capillari del polmone sinistro;
                                                                                  body and leg capillaries
                                                                                    capillari del tronco e delle gambe;
                                                                                    head and arm capillaries
                                                                                      capillari della testa e delle braccia;