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Глоссарий по тестированию

Терминология и определения методов тестирования, которые основываются на наблюдении, регистрации и анализе результатов взаимодействия физических полей или веществ с объектом контроля.

accumulation test technique
  1. Detecting the total amount of leakage by enclosing the component under test within a hood, bag, box, shroud, or container. for pressure testing, any gas leaking from the component accumulates ...
acoustic emission event
    Microstructural displacement that produces elastic waves in a material under load or stress.
acoustic emission hit
    Acoustic emission signal received on one channel.
acoustic emission signal
    Electrical signal obtained through the detection of acoustic emission. acoustic emission testing (ae): passive nondestructive testing method that monitors a component or assembly for transient ela...
acoustic leak testing
    In leak testing, technique that uses elastic waves in the frequency range of 30 to 100 khz, which are generated by the flow of fluids through leaks.
action spectrum
    Plot of the desired spectral responsivity of an integral sensor versus wavelength, which may be photovoltaic, photochemical, or photobiological in nature. see also irradiance, effective.
alkali ion diode
    Sensor type for halogen gases. in this device, positive ions (cations) of an alkali metal are produced on the heated surfaces (usually platinum) of the diode. one electrode is at a negative potent...
alpha ray
    Ionizing radiation in the form of a fast stream of alpha particles. compare beta ray; gamma ray; x-ray. alternating current (ac): electric current whose waveform changes cyclically in magnitude an...
alternating current field
    In electromagnetic and magnetic testing, varying magnetic field produced around a conductor by alternating current flowing in the conductor.
angle beam test technique
    In ultrasonic testing, inspection technique in which transmission of ultrasound is at an acute angle to the entry surface.18
angle of field
    (1) in visual testing, included angle between those points on opposite sides of a beam axis at which the luminous intensity is 10 percent of the maximum value. this angle may be determined from an...
angular subtense
    (1) angular diameter of an optical system or subsystem, expressed in angular degrees or milliradians. (2) in thermography, the angle over which a sensing instrument collects radiant energy. 518 no...
annular coil
    See coil, encircling.
apposing field
  1. See bucking field.

  2. Bucking field.
area linearity
    See linearity, area.
argand diagram
    In electromagnetic testing, graphical representation of a vector quantity on the complex plane.
articulated pole piece
    In magnetic particle testing, independently adjustable legs of a contour probe that enable satisfactory contact on irregular test object profiles.
background fluorescence
    Fluorescent residue that is observed over the part surface or in localized areas caused by surface contamination or surface finish, that interferes with penetrant removal or that is due to imprope...
  1. Movement of pumping fluids from the pump back to the vacuum chamber. also called diffusion.

  2. Movement of pumping fluids from a pump back to the vacuum chamber.21
barium clay
    Molding clay containing barium, used to eliminate or reduce the amount of scattered or secondary radiation reaching an x-ray sensor.
berthold penetrameter
  1. Shared flux indicator of magnetic field orientation, for use during continuous magnetization. similar to a pie gage but containing a cover plate with height adjustable to vary the magnetic flu...
bleed back technique
    In liquid penetrant testing, procedure for verifying fluorescent penetrant indications by fully removing the indication and then reinspecting the area of interest. the technique begins by removing...
  1. In liquid penetrant testing, action by which liquid penetrant is drawn from a discontinuity into the developer layer, thus forming an indication on the surface of the specimen. 520 nondestruct...
blending bleed back technique
    Procedure for verifying fluorescent penetrant indications by fully removing the indication and then reinspecting the area of interest. the technique begins by removing the indication using a soft ...
    Absorptive action of developer in soaking up penetrant from surface of a discontinuity so as to cause bleedout of penetrant for increased contrast and sensitivity.
blue haze
  1. Temporary blurred vision caused by uv-a photons entering the eye and exciting fluorescence of the vitreous humor. see also vision acuity.

  2. Temporary visual detriment caused by uv-a p...
brinell hardness testing
  1. Evaluation method for determining the hardness of a material by forcing a hard steel or carbide ball of specified diameter (often 10 mm) into it under a specified load. the diameter of the ind...
bubble leak testing
    Positive pressure test where leakage is indicated by formation of bubbles in the solution film by escaping gas. methods include immersion, vacuum box, and bubble solution tests. c
burn through
    In welding, coalescence of metal protruding beyond the root of the weld. sometimes called icicles. burnt-in sand: in manufacturing, discontinuity consisting of mixture of sand and metal cohering t...
butt weld or butt joint
    Weld joining two metal pieces in the same plane. c
calibrated leak
    Instrument or specimen providing a known conductance, or leakage rate, for purposes of reference or comparison. see also standard.
capacitor discharge technique
    In magnetic particle testing, magnetization technique generally characterized by a short duration, high intensity electrical pulse, often performed on oil country tubular goods. capacity, heat: ab...
cavitation errosion
    Loss of material due to the repeated formation and collapse of bubbles at the surface of an object in contact with a rapidly flowing liquid. ccd: see charge coupled device. celsius (centigrade): t...
centrifuge tube
  1. In magnetic particle testing, vial that holds liquids and has graduations to indicate the concentration of solids that settle out of a known suspension volume.

  2. Vial that holds liqui...
choked flow
  1. Phenomenon where, while pressure downstream is gradually lowered, velocity through an orifice increases until it reaches the speed of sound in the fluid. also called sonic flow.

  2. In ...
circular magnetic field
  1. In magnetic particle testing, active or residual magnetization oriented along the circumference.

  2. Active or residual magnetization oriented along the circumference.

  3. Circul...
    Direction around the perimeter of a cylindrical surface. compare longitudinal; radial; transverse.
cleanup time or cleanup
    Time (time constant) required after a tracer gas has ceased to enter a leak test system, for the system to reduce its signal output to 37 percent of the signal indicated before the tracer gas had ...
coil shot
  1. In magnetic particle testing, one instance of the coil technique, or one pulse of current in the coil technique. see also shot.

  2. Coil technique. one instance of the coil technique; o...
coil technique
  1. In magnetic particle testing, field flow magnetization technique using an encircling current carrying solenoid that imparts a longitudinal magnetic field in ferromagnetic components with a len...
cold cathode ionization gauge
    Ion gauge in which the ions are produced by a cold cathode discharge, usually in the presence of a magnetic field that lengthens the path of electrons between the cathode and anode. compare hot fi...
cold trap
    Device that condenses vapors and prevents oil or water molecules from entering a vacuum chamber.
color contrast penetrant
  1. Testing fluid incorporating a nonfluorescent dye, which provides enhanced visibility to discontinuities when used with proper inspection technique and when viewed under white light. 742 glossa...
conditioning agent
  1. In magnetic particle testing, additive to water based carrier fluid aiding with defoaming, surface wetting, particle dispersion, corrosivity ph or or antifungal properties.

  2. Additive...
contact time
    See dwell time.
continuous technique
  1. In magnetic particle testing, a test sequence where the particles flow over the test object only during active magnetization. compare residual technique.

  2. Technique of magnetic parti...
contour probe
  1. In magnetic particle testing, electromagnetic yoke with articulated pole pieces for evaluating specimens with an irregular shape. see also lifting power; field flow magnetization.

  2. I...
contracted sweep
  1. In ultrasonic testing, misnomer that refers to extending the duration of the ultrasonic sweep to permit viewing discontinuities or back reflections from deeper in the test object. the sweep ap...
corrosion erosion
  1. Accelerated loss of material because of the simultaneous actions of erosion and corrosion when exposed to a moving corrosive liquid. corrosion, exfoliation: corrosion that progresses parallel ...
current flow magnetization
    In magnetic particle testing, magnetization of a test object by passing electric power directly through the test object. common current flow techniques include prods and the head shot technique. c...
demagnetization cycle
    Reduction of residual magnetism to an acceptable level, generally less than 0.2 to 1.0 mt (2 to 10 g). see also coil, demagnetizing and direct current downcycle demagnetization.
demagnetizing factor
  1. See selfdemagnetizing factor. 529

  2. Self-demagnetizing factor.
depth compensation
    See distance amplitude correction.
detectivity star
    See d*.
detector probe
  1. Adjustable or fixed device through which air and/or tracer is drawn into the leak test instrument and over the sensing element or detector. response is measured in units of pa·m3 · s or std cm...
detector probe test
  1. Pressure leak test in which the leakage of a component, pressurized with a tracer rich mixture, is detected by scanning the test object with a detector probe connected to an electronic leak de...
detergent remover
    See emulsifier, hydrophilic.
developing time
  1. In liquid penetrant testing, the elapsed time necessary for the developer to absorb and show indications from penetrant entrapments.

  2. Elapsed time necessary for the developer to abso...
    Carryout or loss of penetrant materials as a result of their adherence to objects dipped into the materials. see also drain time.
drain time
    Portion of dwell time during which the excess penetrant, emulsifier, detergent remover, or developer drains off an object.
electrostatic spraying
    Technique of applying a uniform surface coating, wherein the material being sprayed is given a high electrical charge (potential) while the test piece is grounded.
fatigue crack propagation
    Progressive fracture of a material that begins at a discontinuity and increases under repeated cycles of stress. the phenomenon leading to fracture under repeated or fluctuating stresses having a ...
flow measurement
    Determining the extent of leakage by measuring the rate of flow of gas into or out of a system or component under test. see also rotameter.
foam leak test
    Bubble leak test technique in which the tracer gas blows a hole through a blanket of foam covering the test object, thus indicating the location of the leak. compare immersion leak test. g
gas ballast
    Gas (air) admitted into the pumping chamber of a mechanical pump to inhibit condensation of vapors in the chamber.
grinding burn
    Surface anomaly caused by improper steel machining parameters. term describes the etched appearance of localized regions of untempered and self-tempered martensite caused by excessive heating. see...
halogen detector probe test
    Pressure leak test in which the leakage of a component, pressurized with a halogen rich mixture, is detected by scanning over the test object boundary surface with a probe connected to a halogen l...
halogen leak detector
    Leak detector that responds to tracer gases containing a halogen. normally not very sensitive to the elemental halogen gases, but very good when used with a gas that contains a halogen. also calle...
heated immersion test
    Bubble test where the heating causes buildup of internal pressure in a test object and the formation of bubbles at leak sites.
hermetic seal
    Fusion seal that is leaktight.
    Any void remaining in an object as a result of improper manufacturing processing. also called gas holes; cavities; air locks.
hood test
    Quantitative dynamic test in which a sample under vacuum is enclosed within a volume filled with tracer so that the entire part is simultaneously evaluated.
hot filament ionization gauge
    Absolute pressure gauge that monitors ion current proportional to gas density at pressures less than 0.1 pa (0.8 mtorr). electrons produced by a heated filament ionize the gas (the thermionic phen...
immersion leak test
    Technique in which the test object is pressurized and then submerged in detection fluid. the formation of bubbles from the object indicates a leak; the absence of bubbles indicates leaktightness. ...
infrared and thermal testing
    Nondestructive testing that uses heat diffusion and infrared radiation as interrogating energy.
inherent fluorescence
    Fluorescence that is an intrinsic characteristic of a material.
integral sensor
    Active sensing portion of a radiometer or illuminance photometer that contains a photodiode, aperture, and filter set and is covered by a diffuser. j

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