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Biceps of arm

Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese)

    Bicipite brachiale, итальянский

    Arm, английский
    1. Adjustable-rate mortgage

    2. The upper limb of the human body, esp. the part extending from the shoulder to the wrist

    3. Aircraft radio mechanic

    4. Air reconnaissance mission

    5. Antiradar

    6. Apollo requirements manual

    7. Applied research management

    8. Armament

    9. Armature

    10. Arming

    11. Aviation radioman

    12. Administracion de recursos minerales (panama); airborne remote mapping

    13. The part of the body from the shoulder to the hand, formed of the upper arm, the elbow and the forearm  she broke her arm skiing.  lift your arms up above your head. (note: for other terms referring to the arm see words beginning with brachi-, brachio-.)

    14. Allergy relief medicine

    15. Группа (подгруппа) лечения. см. treatment arm.

    16. Рука (рукав)

    17. Рог якоря

    18. A deep and comparatively narrow inlet of the sea. that part of an anchor on which the palm is shut. the extremity of the bibbs which support the trestle-trees. each extremity or end of a yard, beam, or bracket.—to arm, to fit, furnish, and provide for war; to cap and set a loadstone; to apply putty or tallow to the lower end of the lead previous to sounding, in order to draw up a specimen of the bottom.—to arm a shot, is to roll rope-yarns about a cross-bar-shot, in order to facilitate ramming it home, and also to prevent the ends catching any accidental inequalities in the bore.

    19. [1] to equip with weapons. [2] to prepare a weapon for use. [3] the area between crown and fluke of an anchor. [4] the upright member of a davit. [5] to apply soap or tallow to a sounding lead to pick up a bottom sample. [6] a deep and narrow sea inlet.

    Arm, английский

    Arm, английский

    Arm, английский

    Arm, английский
      Artificial rupture of memhranes

    Arm, английский

    Arm, английский
      In aircraft weight and balance, as well as load distribution, it is the distance from the center of gravity (c/g) to some point. for computations, arms measured forward from the c/g are positive (+n) and those measured aft of the c/g are negtive (-n).

    Arm, английский

    Arm, испанский
      Acrónimo de asynchronous response mode [modo de respuesta asíncrona]

    Arm, шведский

    Arm (a.), шведский

    Arm (of a trial), английский

    Arm (sleeve), английский
      Рука (рукав)

    Arm articulation, английский
      Траектория движения руки (робота;

    Arm badges, английский
      There are specific rules concerning on which sleeve rate and rating badges are to be worn. [1] the royal navy introduced substantive petty officer rate badges to be worn on the left sleeve in 1827, then added non-substantive specialty rating (trade) badges to be worn on the right sleeve in 1860. [2] the u.s. navy changed the positioning of rate badges several times: • regulations of february 1841 introduced the petty officer’s badge (known familiarly as the crow). boatswain’s mates, gunner’s mates, carpenter’s mates, ship’s stewards, and ship’s cooks, were to wear an eagle and anchor on the right sleeve. quartermasters, quartergunners, captains of fore-castle, corporals and captains of the hold were to wear the same device on the left. • regulations of december 1866 specified that petty officers of the starboard watch should wear their rate badges on the right sleeve, while those of the port watch should wear them on the left. at this time specialty marks were added to the enlisted men’s uniform, consisting of the tools or instruments used in performing specific duties. • regulations of january 1913 cancelled the identification by watch and ordered petty officers of the seaman branch to wear their rate badges on the right, all other petty officers on the left. • in april 1949 right arm rates were disestablished by the usn.

    Arm bones, английский
      The humerus, the ulna and the radius

    Arm changing, английский

    Arm clamp, английский

    Arm conveyor, английский
      A conveyor for building materials in the form of an endless belt or chain, to which are attached projecting arms or shelves which carry the materials. armored cable, metal-clad cable two or more individually insulated electric conductors having a common outer protective covering of metal. also

    Arm drive, английский

    Arm hinge, английский

    Bicipite femorale, итальянский

    Bicipite brachiale, итальянский