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Glossary of Timber Bridge Terminology
    A form of additional supports for the piling of a bridge. the timbers are placed in a “criss-cross” pattern joining the supporting piling.

Additional, английский
  1. Дополнительный 33

  2. Дополнительный; добавочный

Supporting, английский
  1. Поддержка: обеспечение

  2. Монтаж и крепление

Rip rap, английский
  1. A layer of large stones or broken rock placed on an embankment as erosion control and protection.

  2. A man-made pile of rocks and rubble often surrounding an off-shore lighthouse or as a base for an aid to navigation.

Specifications, английский
  1. A document that explains all material and construction requirements of the bridge structure to be constructed, usually used by engineers or architects in the planning stages of construction.

  2. A detailed description of a print order.

  3. A part of the contract documents contained in the project manual consisting of written descriptions of a technical nature of materials, equipment construction systems, standards, and workmanship. under the uniform system, the specifications comprise sixteen divisions. specific gravity 1. the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference material (usually water for liquids and air for gases). 2. as applied to a gas piping system, the ratio of the weight of gas of a given volume to the weight of the same volume of air, both measured under the same conditions.

  4. Отвечать требованиям технических условий meeting:

  5. Соответствие состава бетонной смеси требованиям технических условий ~ of water for making concrete пригодность воды для приготовления бетонной смеси suite: ~ of rooms 1. анфилада комнат 2. номер- люкс (в гостинице) wc ~ укомплектованное оборудование санузла

  6. Чертежи и технические условия (техническая документация проекта)