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Cmc (color measurement committee)

    Of the society of dyes and colorists in great britain. developed a more logical, ellipse-based equation for computing (e values as an alternative to the rectangular coordinates of the cielab color space.)

Alternative, английский
  1. A альтернативный class, question alternativity n альтернативность

  2. Вариант (напр, проекта), вариантное решение || вариантный о as an ~ в качестве варианта [вариантного решения]

  3. One of the music genres that appears under genre classification in windows media player library. based on id3 standard tagging format for mp3 audio files. id3v1 genre id # 20.

Coordinates, английский
  1. Intersecting lines of latitude and longitude which define an exact position on the surface of the globe.

  2. Нанесение точек (на план) способом прямоугольных координат

  3. Ансамбль одежды или комплект сумок, чемоданов и т.д., удачно сочетающихся друг с другом

Cmy, английский
  1. The subtractive primaries cyan, magenta, and yellow. see subtractive primaries.

  2. Бирюзовый-пурпурный-желтый; система цветопередачи cmy

Cielab (or cie l*a*b*, cie lab), английский
    Color space in which values l*, a* and b* are plotted at right angles to one another to form a three dimensional coordinate system. equal distances in the space approximately represent equal color differences. value l* represents lightness; value a* repre