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Поиск в глоссариях:  


    Pertaining to the electrical effects of light or other radiation; for example, emissions of electrons.

Fotoeléctrico, испанский

Фотоэффекта, русский

Фотопирометр, русский

Фотоэлектрический, русский

Electrical, английский

Photoreceptor, английский
  1. The cone and rod shaped neurons that cover the retina of the eye. photoreceptors are excited by visible wavelengths, then send signals to the brain where the sensation of color is perceived.

  2. Photon sensor. examples include film and electronic detector elements.

  3. Light sensor.

  4. Light sensor. see also charge coupled device; cone; rod.

Phosphors, английский
    Materials that emit light when irradiated by cathode rays, or when placed in an electric field. the quantity of visible light is proportional to the amount of excitation energy present.