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Глоссарий терминов в полиграфии
    A monoprint is made by taking an already etched and inked plate and adding to the composition by manipulating additional ink on the surface of the plate. this produces an impression different in appearance from a conventionally printed impression from the

Composition, английский
  1. Состав

  2. A photographic process in which patterns on two separate substrates are

  3. The arrangement of subject matter, graphic elements, tones, and light in a scene. can be harmonious or discordant, depending on the photographer, his or her mood, and the subject at hand. there are no set rules, just suggestions; successful compositions are ones that best express particular feelings about the subject or scene.

  4. N словосложение; образование (ант. decomposition) polysynthetic ~ полисинтетическое объедине- ние

  5. A composition is a function or relationship that can be constructed from other functions or relationships. for example, the function grandparent(x) is a recursive composition of the parent() function, grandparent(x) = parent(parent(x)). compositional rule of inference (cri) see: fuzzy associative memory. computer-aided design (cad) the process of using a computer to aid in the design and (cadcam) manufacture of objects or systems. the complexity of these systems range from basic drawing systems through systems that can warn you about basic dimensional constraints to systems that understand and implement constraints based on other properties of the objects in the system. it is used for the design of mechanical, electronic, construction, and other systems. computer-aided education the use of computers to aid in the education of personnel. computer-aided instruction, intelligent see: intelligent computer-aided instruction. computer integrated manufacturing (cim) computer integrated manufacturing refers to the integration of computer sensors and controllers into a manufacturing process. this includes three types of functions. first the computers provide programmable and flexible automation of the manufacturing process. this leads to the ability to optimize the process flexibly to react to current variations in the process. finally, the various sensors and controllers can be integrated into a comprehensive system.

  6. A whole-part relationship in which the life cycle of the part object is dependent on the life cycle of the whole object.

  7. An activity flow created from multiple actions. composition is core to the human workflow services system.

  8. An export format that flattens a group of images defined in a deep zoom composer project into a single high-resolution image that is generated at export.

  9. One or more images that are positioned, arranged, ordered, and proportionally resized according to a user’s specifications within a deep zoom composer project.

  10. Voluntary arrangement to restructure a firm`s debt, under which payment is reduced.

Additional, английский
  1. Дополнительный 33

  2. Дополнительный; добавочный

Impression, английский
  1. 1. a mould of a person’s jaw made by a dentist before making a denture 2. a depression on an organ or structure into which another organ or structure fits  cardiac impression 1. concave area near the centre of the upper surface of the liver under the heart 2. depression on the mediastinal part of the lungs where they touch the pericardium

  2. The effect produced upon any ship, place, or body of troops, by a hostile attack.

  3. An ad that is served to a user’s screen either as a pushed (sent by e-mail) or pulled ad (requested by a user’s browser). this includes measurement of responses from an ad delivery system to a user’s browser.

  4. An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a web site visitor. requests are generated by events on the site, such as a request for a particular page or the purchase of a specific item. the ad used to fulfill the request is determined by the need of delivery.

Appearance, английский
  1. Manifestation of the nature of objects and materials through visual attributes such as size, shape, color, texture, glossiness, transparency, opacity, etc.

  2. Going to court. or a legal paper that says you will participate in the court process

  3. The first making of a land-fall: formerly astronomically used for phenomenon and phase. the day of an officer`s first joining a ship after his being appointed.

  4. Внешний вид ~ of finished concrete внешний вид отделанной бетонной поверхности ~ of fracture вид излома, форма излома ~ of naturally weathered surface внешний вид выветренной поверхности

  5. Изменение внешнего вида (конструкции); ~ in sign перемена знака (напр, силы); ~s in the work изменения проекта (в стадии строительства по решению заказчика) air ~ воздухообмен (по наружному воздуху) air ~s per hour кратность воздухообмена (по наружному воздуху)

  6. Явка (в суд)

Conventional, английский
  1. Обычный (об оружии)

  2. Обычный (напр. об оружии)

  3. A конвенциональный3; узуальный metaphor, norm

  4. Обычный; общепринятый; стандартный

Monotype/monoprint., английский
    Monotype/monoprint. as their names imply, monotypes and monoprints (the words are often used interchangeably but shouldn’t be) are prints that have an edition of one, though sometimes a second, weaker impression can be taken from the matrix. a monotype is

Mezzotint, английский
  1. Mezzotint is a technique of engraving areas of tone rather than lines. in this method, the entire surface of the plate is roughed by a spiked tool called a rocker so that, if inked, at that point, the entire plate would print in solid black. the artist th

  2. Меццо-тинто (в полиграфии)