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  1. 1. a mould of a person’s jaw made by a dentist before making a denture 2. a depression on an organ or structure into which another organ or structure fits  cardiac impression 1. concave area near the centre of the upper surface of the liver under the heart 2. depression on the mediastinal part of the lungs where they touch the pericardium

  2. The effect produced upon any ship, place, or body of troops, by a hostile attack.

  3. An ad that is served to a user’s screen either as a pushed (sent by e-mail) or pulled ad (requested by a user’s browser). this includes measurement of responses from an ad delivery system to a user’s browser.

  4. An opportunity to deliver an advertising element to a web site visitor. requests are generated by events on the site, such as a request for a particular page or the purchase of a specific item. the ad used to fulfill the request is determined by the need of delivery.

Imp, английский

Слепок, русский
  1. Слепок , воспроизведение, изображение, повторение

  2. , точное воспроизведение какого-либо предмета, произведения скульптуры, обычно отлитое из гипса в форме, снятой с оригинала.

  3. Точное воспроизведение какоголибо предмета, снятое с оригинала.

Отпечаток, русский
  1. Оттиск.

  2. Отпечаток , знак, повторение

Depression, английский
  1. See low.

  2. The difference between dry and wet bulb temperatures. it is a measure of humidity.

  3. A severe economic slump.

  4. Депрессия, область пониженного давления; понижение, опускание

  5. 1. a mental condition that prevents someone from carrying out the normal activities of life in the usual way 2. a hollow on the surface of a part of the body

  6. Depresión

  7. [1] meteorology: an area of low barometric pressure—a bad weather system in which winds circulate clockwise in the southern and anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere (see coriolis effect). [2] physical geography: a depressed or sunken area lower than the surrounding surface. [3] astronomy. the angular distance of a celestial body below the horizon. [4] economics: a period during which business, employment, and stock-market values decline severely or remain at a very low level of activity. [5] general: the state of being depressed—sadness; gloom; dejection.

  8. Котловина, впадина; понижение

  9. Any relatively sunken part of the earth`s surface; especially a low-lying area surrounded by higher ground. a closed depression has no natural outlet for surface drainage (e.g. a sinkhole). an open depression has a natural outlet for surface drainage. compare - closed depression, open depression. gg

  10. Subsidence hollow. small subsidence depressions may be synony- mous with

  11. Депрессия

Pericardium, английский
    A membrane which surrounds and supports the heart

Measurement, английский
  1. Set of operations having the object of determining a value of a quantity (1)

  2. Измерение. система мер.

  3. Измерение; замер

  4. The size, length, etc. of something which has been measured

  5. Измерение

  6. Обмер

  7. Оценка

  8. Измерение dust ~ измерение концентрации пыли

  9. Измерение. комплекс операций, имеющих целью определение значе-ния величины [32].

  10. The process of ascertaining the attributes, dimensions, extent, quantity, degree or capacity of some object of observation and representing these in the qualitative or quantitative terms of a data language. any empirical pursuit that places the observer outside his object of observation must consider measurement the fundamental process through which scientific constructs or models are linked to reality (->index, ->symptom). otherwise measurement is only one section in a circular process of computing a stable form. the traditional levels of measurement are nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales.

  11. The magnitude of the property of an object calibrated against one or more units of measure.

  12. Измерение. комплекс операций, имеющих целью определение значения величины [32].

Opportunity, английский
    A potential revenue-generating event, or sale to an account, that needs to be tracked through a sales process to completion.

Advertising, английский
    Размещение объявлений

Ivf, английский

Imp, английский