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  1. Pertaining to measurements or devices in which the output varies in discrete steps (e.g., on-off pulse signals); compare to analog.

  2. Information represented by non-continuous values or signals sent between cell phones. it is binary, or consists of 0 and 1.

  3. Цифровой

  4. Discrete bits of information in numerical steps. a form of information that is represented by signals encoded as a series of discrete numbers, intervals or steps, as contrasted to continuous or analog circuits. signals can be sent through wire or over the air. the method allows simultaneous transmission of voice and data. all digital technology is emerging as the primary transmission mode for voice, video, data and facsimile; information represented by signals encoded as a series of discrete numbers, intervals or steps. can be sent through wire or over the air. allows simultaneous transmission of voice, video and data.

  5. A data format that uses discrete varying signals to contain information. used in fiber optics as this format is easier to process and multiplex, and it is less sensitive to noise than analog transmission

  6. Information used by the computer, represented by numbers. the buzzword for any capture device that converts photons to electrons. the use of that information to store, manipulate, transmit or output images in a computer environment. as opposed to analog.

  7. A псхл. цифровой6 diglossia n диглоссия

  8. A circuit, processor, or other device using a binary numeric (1 or 0) system to represent and process information. a digital tape recorder converts the incoming analog audio signal into a stream of ones and zeros that are stored onto the tape. upon playback, the series of numbers are converted back to a analog signal.

  9. Measured in a set of discrete steps. the audio signal on a cd or in an mp4 le is digital. cf. analog. disk - a magnetic storage device that records data on a spinning disk. the bulk of long term storage on a today`s computers is on the disk". the main le system is usually found here. compare with the term ssd

  10. A mode of inputting, coding and recalling information that doesn’t used the senses but words.

  11. Data presented in discrete packages, rather than in continuously variable form (c.f analogue). words, for example are digital whereas the changing volume in which they are spoken is analogue.

Digital, английский

Цифровой, русский
    , -ая, -ое лыдпаса

Digital, английский

Cyfrowy, польский

Cinta de componente digital, испанский

Convertidor de analógico a digital, испанский

Тельная, русский

Шающее, русский

Цифровой; численный;, русский

Дискретный, русский
    Изменяющийся между двумя различными состояниями подобно выключателю, который может быть либо включен, либо выключен. диссоциированный невключенный в переживание, рассматривающий и слышащий ситуацию со стороны.

Information, английский
  1. Knowledge of a particular event or situation, or knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.

  2. Информация

  3. Facts about something  have you any information about the treatment of sunburn?  the police won’t give us any information about how the accident happened.  you haven’t given me enough information about when your symptoms started.  that’s a very useful piece or bit of information. (note: no plural: some information; a piece of information.)

  4. N информация | attr. информационный flow, structure source of ~ источник информации 1 ранее использовался в более широком значении как ‘умозаключе- ние’. 2 получение выводных данных в процессе обработки информации и/или языка и само выводное знание, умозаключение; мыслительная операция, в ходе которой человек выходит за пределы данных в тек- сте сведений и получает новую информацию. 3 аффикс, вставляемый внутрь корня слова при словообразовании или словоизменении.

  5. In admiralty courts, implies a clause introduced into a citation, intimating that in the event of a party cited not appearing, the court will proceed in his absence.

  6. Информация; данные; сведения

  7. Координационный комитет ин4юрмации о проектируемых и возводимых объектах строительства

  8. Literally that which forms within, but more adequately

  9. Data that has been recorded, classified, organized, related or interpreted so that meaning is apparent.

  10. Contextualised data providing answer to a certain question decreasing uncertainty.

  11. Информация, сведения

Continuous, английский
  1. Непрерывный

  2. Непрерывный; длительный; продолжающийся

  3. A продолженный, дли- тельный, непрерванный form, future, past, present contoid n контоид

  4. Непрерывный, неразрывный, сплошной, неразрезной (об элементах конструкции)

Simultaneous, английский
  1. Одновременный

  2. A одновременный, синхронный component, interpreting

Transmission, английский
  1. Passage of electromagnetic radiation through a medium.

  2. Transmisión

  3. The property in a merchantman, or a share therein, transmitted in

  4. Передача; привод; коробка передач; трансмиссия; прохождение; распространение ~ of loads передача нагрузок

  5. The transport of high voltage electricity. this is achieved with a transmission network (or grid). generally the network will connect large generators to lower voltage distribution networks where it will be transported to the majority of electricity consumers. alternatively, large scale electricity users may connect directly to the transmission network. management of transmission is a natural monopoly due to the economies of scale inherent to it. transmission system operator (tso) (also transmission network operator-

  6. The sending of information over a communications line or a circuit.

  7. The transportation of electric energy in bulk from a source or sources of supply to other systems or parts of a single system.

  8. Transfer of pathogens from one host to another

Technology, английский
  1. The use of tools and knowledge to meet human needs.

  2. Техника; технология

  3. Техника (означает все знания или неотъемлемую часть знаний о: научных принципах или открытиях; промышленных процессах; материальных и энергетических ресурсах; средствах транспорта и связи, постольку, поскольку эти знания непосредственно касаются развития производства товаров или сферы услуг; документы юнеско)

  4. N технология speech recognition ~ технология распознава- ния речи3

  5. Национальный институт стандартов и технологии

  6. Технология

  7. The body of knowledge about, and the systematic study of, methods, techniques and hardware applied in the adaptation of the physical environment to man`s needs and wants. the application of scientific knowledge to build or improve the infrastructure of agriculture, industry government and daily life. (technology must not be confused with the very infrastructure it generates). technology has autocatalytic properties. it favores the use of technical devices and processes even in solving social problems, e.g., by using fertilizers to enhance agricultural production rather than a different form of work organization, by using computers for national planning rather than decentralized decision making processes.

  8. The practical application of knowledge to achieve particular tasks that employs both technical artefacts (hardware, equipment) and (social) information (‘software’, know-how for production and use of artefacts). supply push aims at developing specifi c technologies through support for research, development and demonstration. demand pull is the practice of creating market and other incentives to induce the introduction of particular sets of technologies (e.g., low-carbon technologies through carbon pricing) or single technologies (e.g., through technology-specifi c feed-in tariffs).

Digital ganglia, английский
    The mess of wires, cables, and cords that hang from the back of your average computer workstation. example my attempt at locating the other end of the usb cable amongst the digital ganglia behind my computer ultimately proved futile.

Digiphernalia, английский
    Digitally enabled paraphernalia. example one can just imagine what ridiculous digiphernalia these people will be presenting at comdex next year.