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Slamming stile

Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям

    Lock stile., английский

    Slammin, английский
      Cool, approvingly. example your new shoes are slammin.

    Slammin', английский

    Slamming strip, английский
      A strip or inlay along the edge of the lock stile of a flush door.

    Stile, английский
    1. An upright framing member in a panel door.

    2. A door having different widths above and below the middle rail, as in a glazed door in which the stile is narrower in the glazed portion.

    3. The upright of a window frame in which the sash pulleys are installed and along which the sash slides.

    4. The vertical structural member of a door (or a casement sash) which closes against the jamb (or mullion) of the surrounding frame; the side away from the hinges. lock plate 598

    Stile & rail, английский
      See frame and panel.

    Stile and rail router bits, английский
      These bits are used for constructing panels and frames. often used for making cabinet frames and passage doors, stile and rail bits also carve decorative profiles and panel slots into the edge of a door frame. the stile and rail bits come as a set of 2, or as a single bit.

    Stile plate, английский

    Stile router bits, английский
      See stile and rail router bits.

    Stilet, английский
      1. a fine wire used as a probe in surgery 2. a wire inserted in a catheter to give it rigidity

    Locking stile, английский

    Falling stile, английский