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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Slamming strip

Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям
    A strip or inlay along the edge of the lock stile of a flush door.

Slammin, английский
    Cool, approvingly. example your new shoes are slammin.

Slammin', английский

Slamming stile, английский

Strip, английский
  1. Удалять излишнюю и

  2. A long thin piece of material or tissue  the nurse bandaged the wound with strips of gauze.  he grafted a strip of skin over the burn.  verb to take off something, especially clothes  the patients had to strip for the medical examination.  to strip to the waist to take off the clothes on the top part of the body

Strip, английский

Strip (1), английский

Strip (2), английский

Strip (3), английский

Strip (containers), to, английский

Strip (continuous, английский

Strip (ice), английский

Strip (to), английский

Strip -, английский
    Полосовой прокат, металлическая полоса

Strip ahead, английский

Strip board, английский

Strip building, английский
    Building dwellings, usually lowcost, in long parallel rows, using a minimum of land. strip core, blockboard, loose core, strip

Strip chart recorder, английский
    Ленточный самописец

Strip cladding, английский

Strip core., английский

Strip core. loose cubic yard (or meter) a unit to express the volume of loose material. loose-fill insulation thermal insulation in the form of granules, nodules, fibers, powder, flakes, or shreds; may be hand-packed, pneumatically placed, or poured into, английский

Check stop, английский
  1. A strip or molding used to hold a sliding element in place, as at the bottom sash of a double-hung window.

  2. Контрольный останов

Rustication strip, английский
    A strip of wood, or the like, which is fixed to the surface of a concrete form to produce a groove or rustication in the concrete. rustic finish, washed finish a type of terrazzo topping in which the matrix is recessed by washing prior to setting, so as to expose the chips without destroying the bond between chip and matrix; a retarder sometimes is applied to the surface to facilitate this operation.