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Color blender

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Цветовой переход; смеситель (в графике)

Blend, английский
  1. Морф. n бленд; сращение4 (син. portmanteau, portmanteau word, frankenword)

  2. Смесь (смесовый состав пряжи)

  3. Смесь || перемешивать, смешивать о to ~ with the landscape гармонировать с ландшафтом

  4. A mixture of natural and/or synthetic ingredients.

  5. A yarn obtained when two or more staple fibers are combined in a textile process for producing spun yarns.

  6. A fabric that contains a blended yarn in both the warp and filling direction.

  7. A yarn created when two or more staple fibers are blended and spun into yarn or when two or more single-fiber yarns are woven together to form a fabric. fibers are often blended to achieve desired performance characteristics or a heathered aesthetic.

  8. 1. a yarn obtained when two or more staple fibers are combined in a textile process for producing spun yarns (e.g., at opening, carding, or drawing). 2. a fabric that contains a blended yarn (of the same fiber content) in the warp and filling.

  9. Переход одного цвета или одного оттенка в другой

Blend (mix), английский

Blend / to blend, английский
    Mélange (résultat) / mélanger

Blend / to blend, английский

Blend adjustment, английский

Blend angle, английский
    Угол смешивания

Blend chest, английский

Blend for microsoft visual studio 2013, английский
    Blend for visual studio 2013 allows to visually build engaging and sophisticated user interfaces for windows applications by using the accurate design surface and tools. it is installed with the visual studio installation.

Blend for visual studio, английский
    Blend for visual studio helps to design and build engaging and sophisticated user interfaces by providing with an accurate design surface and tools that let the user to visually create and edit microsoft windows applications. with blend, windows phone applications and windows store apps can be designed and build.

Blend for visual studio 2013 sdk, английский
    The blend for visual studio software development kit (sdk) provides conceptual topics for behaviors, which are reusable pieces of packaged code that can be dragged onto any object and then fine-tuned by changing their properties. the sdk also includes a programming reference for other extensibility features in blend, such as controls, drawing features, and effects.

Blend mode, английский
    A method of determining how an object should appear when placed over another object.

Blend smoothness, английский
    Плавность смешивания

Blend tool, английский
    Инструмент "перетекание" (в графических пакетах)

Blende, английский

Blended bifocals, английский
    A round style bifocal type lens designed so that there is no discernable line of demarcation between the distance portion and the reading portion. the blended area is visually nonusable.

Blended cement, английский
    A mixture of portland cement and other material such as granulated blast-furnace slag, pozzolan, hydrated lime, etc., combined either during or after the finish grinding of the cement at the mill.

Blended color, английский
    Смешанный цвет

Blended e-learning, английский
    An integrated programme with a blend of interactive online tuition, face-to-face classroom workshops, assignments, etc.

Blended finance, английский
    Комбинированное финансирование

Blended interest rate, английский
    Смешанная процентная ставка (льготно-коммерческая)

Blended lamp, английский

Color mode, английский
    Цветовой режим

Color blend, английский
    Цветовой переход