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Digital (adj)

Глоссарий ИТ-терминов
    In computing, a characteristic of data that is represented as binary digits (zeros and ones). digital

Digital, английский
  1. Pertaining to measurements or devices in which the output varies in discrete steps (e.g., on-off pulse signals); compare to analog.

  2. Information represented by non-continuous values or signals sent between cell phones. it is binary, or consists of 0 and 1.

  3. Цифровой

  4. Discrete bits of information in numerical steps. a form of information that is represented by signals encoded as a series of discrete numbers, intervals or steps, as contrasted to continuous or analog circuits. signals can be sent through wire or over the air. the method allows simultaneous transmission of voice and data. all digital technology is emerging as the primary transmission mode for voice, video, data and facsimile; information represented by signals encoded as a series of discrete numbers, intervals or steps. can be sent through wire or over the air. allows simultaneous transmission of voice, video and data.

  5. A data format that uses discrete varying signals to contain information. used in fiber optics as this format is easier to process and multiplex, and it is less sensitive to noise than analog transmission

  6. Information used by the computer, represented by numbers. the buzzword for any capture device that converts photons to electrons. the use of that information to store, manipulate, transmit or output images in a computer environment. as opposed to analog.

  7. A псхл. цифровой6 diglossia n диглоссия

  8. A circuit, processor, or other device using a binary numeric (1 or 0) system to represent and process information. a digital tape recorder converts the incoming analog audio signal into a stream of ones and zeros that are stored onto the tape. upon playback, the series of numbers are converted back to a analog signal.

  9. Measured in a set of discrete steps. the audio signal on a cd or in an mp4 le is digital. cf. analog. disk - a magnetic storage device that records data on a spinning disk. the bulk of long term storage on a today`s computers is on the disk". the main le system is usually found here. compare with the term ssd

  10. A mode of inputting, coding and recalling information that doesn’t used the senses but words.

  11. Data presented in discrete packages, rather than in continuously variable form (c.f analogue). words, for example are digital whereas the changing volume in which they are spoken is analogue.

Digital, английский

Digital, английский

Digital, испанский
    Representación de información mediante combinaciones de unidades binarias, siendo el 'bit' la empleada en informática.

Digital - filter alignment, английский

Digital a analógico, испанский

Digital access & cross-connect system, английский

Digital access and cross system, английский
    Система цифрового доступа и коммутации

Digital access cross connect system, английский
    Цифровая система с возможностью доступа при перекрестном подсоединении "дэкс"

Digital access link, английский

Digital adaptive recording system, английский
    Цифровая самонастраивающаяся система регистрации данных

Digital adder, английский
    Цифровой сумматор digital-analogue data conversionцифро-аналоговое преобразование; преобразование цифровых данных в аналоговые

Digital addressing signal, английский
    Дискретный управляющий сигнал

Digital advanced mobile phone service, английский

Digital advanced mobile phone system, английский

Digital aeronautical flight information files (nga), английский

Digital aids recorder, английский
    Цифровой бортовой самописец эксплуатационных параметров

Digital air data system, английский
    Цифровая система воздушных сигналов

Digital airborne imagery system (space imaging (firm)), английский

Digital airborne topographic imaging system, английский

Characteristic, английский
  1. Property that helps to distinguish between items of a given population (3)

  2. A quality which allows something to be recognised as different  cancer destroys the cell’s characteristics.  adjective being a typical or distinguishing quality  symptoms characteristic of anaemia  the inflammation is characteristic of shingles.

  3. N характеристика (см. тж. portrayal) articulatory ~ артикуляторная характеристика perceptual ~ перцептивная характеристика, характеристика восприятия

  4. Характерная особенность, признак; характеристика, особенность ~s of the loading особенности [параметры] нагружение (конструкции)

  5. The characteristic dimension dc

Deterministic (adj), английский
    In computing, being able to predict an outcome or to know in advance how data will be manipulated by a processing system. a deterministic simulation, for example, is one in which a certain input always produces the same output.

Precompiled header, английский
    In computer programming, an optimization developed for command-line compilers where a (c or c++) header file is compiled into an intermediate form that is faster to process for the compiler.