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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Глоссарий по текстилю и текстильной промышленности
    The process of converting batts or webs of loose fibers into a coherent nonwoven fabric on a needle loom (q.v.). needle set-out: a term that refers to long periods of time when certain needles are removed from the knitting cycle. the process is used to make sweater cuffs.

Converting, английский
    Преобразование; конвертирование

Threadup, английский
  1. The process of directing or threading fiber or fabric through all machine positions to start or restart a process, or the configuration resulting therefrom. three-bar fabric: a tricot fabric made on a machine equipped with three guide bars. three-dimensional weaving: to produce three-dimensional textiles, yarns are simultaneously woven in three directions (length, width, and thickness) rather than in the conventional two. the types of structures that can be produced fall into four broad classes: (1) contoured fabrics,

  2. Interwoven fabrics (also see double weave), and

Flash extrusion, английский
    The process in which a fiber-forming substance in a volatile solvent is extruded from a high-temperature, high-pressure environment into lower temperature and pressure conditions, causing the solvent to rapidly evaporate, leaving a lacy, net-like fabric.