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Глоссарий технических терминов по водонагревателям (английский)

anti scald valve
    Device used to prevent high water temperature.
atmospheric combustion
    Combustion takes place when gaseous, liquid or solid fuels react at an elevated temperature with oxygen by burning, thus releasing heat in an open combustion system.
check valve
  1. Allows fluid to flow in only one direction in a pipe; also known as back-flow preventer.

  2. Возвратный клапан

  3. Обратный клапан

  4. One that allows liquid to flow in on... chkv; ckvlv; cv; обратный клапан;
combustion gases
    Gases released when a gaseous, liquid or solid fuel reacts at an elevated level that needs to be vented with gas or oil-fired water heaters.
commercial application
    Demand for more water usage than in a single family dwelling.
conventional venting
    Atmospheric venting that utilizes the natural convective rise of hot flue gases through the system to release the products of combustion.
degree rise
    Difference (delta "t") between the starting water temperature and the ending temperature after heating is complete.
dual element heater
    An electric water heater with an upper and lower element for heating water.
first hour delivery (rating)
    Combination of the usable stored volume of hot water in tank, plus the recovery capacity for the first hour of operation.
foam insulation
    The insulation surrounding the surface of the water heater tank.
foot print
    The area of space taken up by the water heater.
    Flammable vapor ignition resistant.
galvanic action
    If two unlike metals are immersed in an electrolyte, an electrical potential will exist between them; if the two are in electrical contact, an electrical current will flow; the metal which becomes...
  1. Gas appliance manufacturers association. now called ahri (air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration institute).

  2. General aviation manufacturers association
general aviation manufacturers association;
gas control
    Device used to regulate gas pressure on a water heater.
head loss
    The pressure of water as measured at a stated point; it may be measured in feet or in pounds per square inch (psi).
pressure drop. headmold, dripstone, head molding, hoodmold,;
heat trap
    Restricts heat loss through water connections to a tank.
  1. Referring to something submerged in water.

  2. The prismatic solid carried under water on the lee-side of a ship by its inclination.—centre of immersion, the mean centre of the part imm... иммерсия;
incoming (inlet) temperature
    Temperature of water entering tank.
instantaneous water heater
    A type of water heater that heats water as it flows through a heat exchanger coil.
    Referring to the hydrojet dip tube. creates turbulence in the tank.
kw - kilowatt
    A measure of the rate of supply of energy or power, and is equal to 1000 watts or 3412 btu`s per hour.
laminar flow
  1. Streamline flow in a fluid near a solid boundary.

  2. A flow situation in which fluid moves in parallel lamina or layers.

  3. Ламинарный поток
lf; streamline flow. laminate 1. a product made by bonding together two or more layers of material, e.g., plywood, laminated wood, etc. 2. to unite layers of material with an adhesive.;
life cycle labs
    A place where water heaters are tested at an accelerated rate to simulate life expectancies.
light duty (ld)
    Small demand commercial applications.
manifolded installation
    Parallel or reverse flow plumbing of water heaters for large hot water demand applications.
net usable btu
    That portion of a fuel’s heat energy actually transferred into the water by the heater.
  1. A unit of electrical resistance.

  2. The unit of resistance. the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor where

  3. The unit of resistance. the electrical resistan... ома;
oil powered
    A water heater that uses oil as its fuel source.
parallel system
    Two or more identical size heaters piped with water connections, that is cold water travels equal distance into the inlets of the heaters from a "t" connection and hot water travels equal distance...
peak hour demand
    Time when the largest demand for hot water is needed.
peak load period
    That period of the day when the system has the greatest demand.
point of use water heater
    Small water heater used for remote locations.
power venting
    Mechanical draft exhaust to outside, usually utilizing room air to support combustion.
preheated water
    Water that has been tempered for inlet supply to the water heater.
rated storage volume
    Quantity of water (expressed in gallons) stored in a tank.
recovery (gph)
    The amount of water in gallons that can be heated in one hour.
    Water heaters for single family dwellings.
return circulation system
    Tempered water from or near the point of usage which eliminates waste of hot water used for long runs and adds storage to the system.
reverse flow
    Another method of manifolding water heaters together in order to limit the unbalanced pressures in a multiple heater installation.
safety shut off valve
    A device on a gas appliance which shuts off the gas supply to prevent a hazardous situation. a flame failure safety shut off operates when the actuating flame becomes extinguished. a 100% shut off...
sealed combustion
    Sealing of combustion chamber to prevent spillage of combustion products.
series system
    Generally where the primary heater preheats water to a given desired general purpose temperature and feeds into another heater.
sight hole
    Generally referring to oil-powered product that allows the viewing of burner and flame patterns.
sliding inner door
    A door slides along combustion chamber radius for easy access to the burner and pilot.
  1. A coil of wire in the form of a cylinder that carries a current; resembles a bar magnet.

  2. Соленоид, электромагнит

  3. Соленоид
sol; соленоид; соленоидный;
spark ignition
  1. Intermittent ignition device that utilizes a spark to light a burner flame.

  2. Воспламенение [электрическое зажигание] запальной свечой
stand by loss
    The amount of heat lost while unit is in stand by mode.
standing pilot
    A small burner used to ignite the main burner.
tankless water heater
    Commonly known as instantaneous or point-of-use water heaters.