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Глоссарий по соли

american sea salt
    Not to be confused with fine natural sea salts, american sea salts, often found in grocery and healthy food stores, are manufactured products that have been totally refined until they are no bette...
    Sea salt harvested from the water off of the west coast of wales, where it is freshly harvested from the atlantic waters that surround the isle of anglesey. anglesey has a soft, flaky texture. the... о. англси (ирландское м., великобритания);
artisan salts
    Salts that are produced more extensively than by simple evaporation of seawater. these include smoked salts and sea salts that are created in solar houses rather than evaporated naturally outdoors...
bamboo salt
  1. Parched salt or jukyom or jook yeom

  2. A korean salt made by roasting sea salt in bamboo cylinders plugged with yellow mud. the salt absorbs minerals from the bamboo and mud, which in ...
black sea salt
    A variety of unrefined mineral salts that range from dark grey to black in color, including hawaiian volcanic sea salt (black lava salt) and cyprus black sea salt. indian black salt, or kala namak...
blended salt
    Salt that is mixed with other flavoring like herbs, berries or seaweed. as opposed to seasoned salt, which mixes different everyday seasonings with the salt for convenience, blended salts are more...
canning salt
    Pickling salt
celtic salt
    A grey french sea salt, hand harvested using the celtic method of wooden rakes allowing no metal to touch the salt. celtic salts are available ground in different levels of coarseness. see sel gri...
citric salt
  1. Or sour salt or citric acid

  2. A salt substance derived from acidic citrus fruits, such as lemon and limes, that is dried and formed into a powder or crystal. when used as an ingredien...
coarse salt
  1. Gros sel or sale grosso

  2. Coarse salt is a larger-grained sea salt crystal. most recipes calling for salt imply finely ground salt; however, many professional chefs prefer cooking wit...
curing salt
    Salt used in curing and preserving food, a mixture of approximately 94% salt and approximately 6% sodium nitrite. it is generally dyed a pink color so that it can be easily recognized from regular...
danish smoked salt
    A viking salt, it is produced by evaporating seawater in a big vessel over an open, smoky fire containing juniper, cherry, elm beech and oak. rub a small amount into salmon or other fish prior to ...
earth salt
    A salt that is mined, as opposed to evaporated from sea water. table salt and black salt are examples.
finishing salts
    Top-quality salts that are known for their unique textures, which allow them to quickly dissolve when applied to finished dishes. these include flake salt, fleur de sel, and french sea salt.
fior di sale
  1. Or fior di sale di sicilia

  2. Like fleur de sel, this “flower of salt” is so-named because the delicate salt “flowers,” or crystals, comprise the top layer of the salt pans that rest o...
flake salt
    A light crystal salt reminiscent of snowflakes. seawaters are evaporated by the sun and wind producing salt brine that is slowly heated to the point where delicate pyramids shaped crystals of salt...
flavored sea salts
  1. Or artisan salts

  2. Salts can be smoked or otherwise flavored by mixing them with spices (saffron), herbs (bay leaf, fennel, thyme), berries or other seasonings like truffles. complex ...
fleur de sel
    French for “flower of the salt.” like sel gris, it is also raked by hand from the salt ponds (“fields”) of the village of guèrande, brittany, on the coast of france. it is harvested from may ...
french grey sea salt
    See celtic salt.
french sea salts
    Sea salts harvested from pristine atlantic seawater. unlike most american sea salts, they are usually unrefined, so they retain more of the trace minerals that naturally occur in seawater, includi...
fumee de sel
    Smoked sea salt. different producers make smoked sea salt. the smoky flavor will pick up hints of the wood or other material over which the salt was smoked. the salt below is fleur de sel smoked o...
garlic salt
    A seasoned salt that is one part garlic powder and three parts regular salt, commonly used as a flavoring to make garlic butter, to season garlic toast and to flavor other foods.
grey salt
    Also called sel gris and celtic salt, a “moist” unrefined sea salt found along the coastal areas of france. its light grey color with purple tinge comes from the clay found in the salt flats. the ...
grinder salt
    Large dry salt crystals suitable for a salt mill or grinder. their lower moisture content allows the salt to flow through. used for flavoring foods at the table when a finer, higher grade finishin...
hand-harvested salt
    Artisan salt is hand-harvested in small batches all over the world. it can be evaporated in ponds or salt pans from any body of water. areas that do not have coastal land available can evaporate t...
hawaiian black lava salt
    This salt is created with purified sea water that is evaporated in pools with purified black lava rock to add minerals. it is then dried in a greenhouse.
hawaiian sea salt
    See alaea. this is a coarse bland of the salt shown at the top.
himalayan salt
    See pink himalayan salt.
  1. A chemical element found in the body’s thyroid hormones. a small amount of iodine is important for proper nutrition in helping to prevent thyroid disease and mental retardation. salt fortified... yodo, iodo; йод;
    Table salt that has been fortified with a small amount of iodine during processing. the michigan state medical society launched a goiter prevention program using iodized salt in 1924. the project ...
italian sea salt
    See fior di sale.
kala namak
    Also known as black salt or sanchal, an unrefined volcanic table salt with a strong sulfuric flavor. despite its name, kala namak, which is mined in central india, is actually light pink in color....
korean bamboo salt
    Sea salt that has been roasted in bamboo cylinders plugged with yellow clay. the the salt absorbs minerals from the bamboo and clay, which in turn leach the salt of impurities: the result is an in...
kosher salt
    A coarse grained salt where the grains have been compressed, creating a flatter, flake rather than granule shape which has a lighter weight that sticks better to food. it is not kosher in the sens...
low salt
    A product with 140 mg of salt or less per serving. see also very low salt and salt-free.
    A sea salt with unique pyramid-shaped, flaky crystals that comes from the atlantic waters near the maldon region of essex, england, a salt-producing center since the middle ages. the salt is made ...
margarita salt
    A general term for a coarse ground salt, often kosher salt, used to coat the rim of a margarita glass. it should provide crunch but also dissolve quickly on the tongue. a piece of lime is rubbed a...
natural salt
    A product made from salt water that has been evaporated in pans by sun and wind winds. harvesting takes place once the water has evaporated, and it is crushed and ground as needed without further ...
nazuna sea salt
    A salt naturally crystallized in cypress dishes, then set in pyramid-shaped solar houses located on kyushu island in japan. used as an accompaniment to sweet soy and scallions.
onion salt
    A salt made form a combination of finely ground dehydrated onions (onion powder) and salt. it is used to add onion flavor to foods, but provides a much more subtle flavor than fresh onions.
organic salt
    While salt is not certified organic by the same standards as botanicals, agriculture or livestock, various organizations are setting up rigorous guidelines for the production of organic salt. they...
    If you have over-salted a dish, adding substances like potatoes to absorb excess salt generally doesn’t work. better fixes are the addition of sugar, lemon juice or vinegar to mask the salty taste...
    Grey salt and fleur de sel are collected by hand with wooden rakes by artisan paludiers (salt harvesters, salt rakers or salt farmers ) who sweep the top of the evaporating sea water. this is the ...
peruvian pink sea salt
    This salt is harvested from an ancient ocean now underground, which feeds a spring located 10,000 feet high in the andes. the salt has a mineral quality. sprinkle a few grains on sliced ripe tomat...
pickling salt
    A fine-grained salt used for pickled meat dishes and for canning. pickling salt is similar to table salt but lacks the iodine and additives that turn pickles dark and the pickling liquid cloudy. s...
pink himalayan salt
    Pink himalayan salt is mined from deep inside the himalayan mountains in tibet, where the was deposited when the sea covered the area more than 250 million years ago. often the salt is brought dow...
  1. Polders are shallow clay pools that are created to harvest fine quality atlantic sea salt. paludiers, sea salt farmers, are still today hand harvesting the mineral rich salt that collects in t... польдер;
popcorn salt
    A very fine-grained salt that sticks better to popcorn and other foods such as french fries. popcorn salt is available as a white salt or in a variety of flavors, some with butter flavoring includ...
red volcanic salt
    A hawaiian sea salt, alaea takes its name from the area’s red volcanic clay. on the island of what is now kauai, the sediment of iron oxide-rich red volcanic clay, called alaea, seeped into the oc...
rock salt
  1. Or ice cream salt or halite

  2. The crudest and least refined salt, non-food-grade, containing mud and debris. it is used for melting snow or lowering the freezing point of ice for ice ... каменная соль;
    Having less than 5 mg of sodium per serving. see also low salt and very low salt.
sea salt
  1. Or sel de mer or sale marino or bay salt

  2. A broad term that generally refers to unrefined or minimally refined salt, containing trace minerals and naturally evaporated from a living ...
seasoned salt
    A salt that has a base of regular salt along flavored with other seasonings such as dry mustard, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. the term also refers to a salt that is combined with only ...
sel de mer
    Evaporated mediterranean sea water (photo at left). it contains trace minerals and nutrients that are not found in refined salt. it is generally available in fine and coarse grinds.
sel gris
  1. Or celtic salt or grey salt or sel marin

  2. A type of natural sea salt, in english translation grey salt, that is harvested from the atlantic waters from the coastal area of the gu...
smoked salt
    A relatively new category of gourmet salts, which can be naturally smoked over wood fires to infuse the salt crystals with natural smoke flavor, or be artificially infused. smoked salts add a smok...
  1. Along with chloride, one of the two elements of which salt is composed. sodium is an essential nutrient, easily absorbed and active in the absorption of other nutrients in the small intestine.... натрий; sodio;
sodium chloride
  1. The chemical compound for salt, composed of the elements sodium and chloride. the compound is sold in different sizes and forms, depending on intended use (e.g. table salt, food manufacturing)... halite; rocksalt; хлорид натрия;
sour salt
    See citric salt.
table salt
  1. Or cooking salt or granular salt

  2. A refined, fine-grained salt containing additives which make it flow freely. it does not stick to food very well and when added to solutions it is s...
    On the west coast of sicily, the 13.7-mile stretch of coast between trapani and marsala is a “saltworks” that produces fior di sale. historical references that date to 1154 describe the operation.... г. трапани (о. сицилия, италия);
very low salt
    A product with 35 mg or less sodium per serving. see also low salt and salt-free.

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