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Bunch stranding

Wire and Cable Glossary
    A method of stranding where a single conductor is formed from any number of wires twisted together in the same direction, such that all strands have the same lay length, but no specific geometric arrangement.

Bunch, английский
    To gather trees or logs into small piles for subsequent skidding by other equipment (24).

Bunch graph, английский
    Сетчатая номограмма

Bunch of clusters, английский
    Связка кластеров

Bunch of files, английский
    Совокупность файлов; семейство файлов

Bunch tie-in, английский

Bunch wrapping, английский

Bunched, английский

Bunched fold, английский

Bunched frame alignment signal, английский

Bunching, английский
  1. Gathering and arranging trees or parts of trees in small piles.

  2. Harvest functions

Strand, английский
  1. One of the wires of any stranded conductor.

  2. (1) a type of wood flake with a high aspect ratio which allows for orientation

  3. A thread

  4. Прядь (троса), стренд

  5. A number of rope-yarns twisted together; one of the twists or divisions of which a rope is composed. the part which passes through to form the eye of a splice. also, a sea-margin; the portion alternately left and covered by tides. synonymous with beach. it is not altered from the original anglo-saxon.

  6. [1] to drive or leave a vessel firmly aground. [2] to abandon a person without means of transport. [3] one of the component parts of a rope, wire, or cable. [3] the land bordering a body of water (mainly poetical).

Strand, английский

Strand, шведский

Strand grip, английский
    In prestressed concrete construction, a device used to anchor a prestressing tendon. s-trap an s-shaped trap, 1. straight-line edger 950

Strand lay, английский
    The distance of advance of one strand of a spirally stranded conductor, in one turn, measured axially.

Stranda, шведский

Strandberg, английский

Stranded, английский
  1. A rope is stranded when one of its strands is broken by chafing, or by a strain. a vessel is stranded when driven on shore, in which case the justices of the peace may call in assistance. the term “stranded on the beach,” is not so incorrect as has been asserted; and comes under the usual exception in charter-parties and bills of lading, of “all and every dangers of the seas, rivers, and navigation of whatsoever nature or kind;” and in all policies of insurance it falls under the general words of “all other perils, losses, or misfortunes,” against the risk of which the insurance is made.

  2. Said of [1] a vessel which has been driven ashore and is unable to move. [2] a person left behind. [3] a rope, wire, or cable with one or more stands broken by strain or chafing.

Stranded cable, английский
    In stranded cables, individual color-coded buffer tubes are wrapped or “stranded” around the cable’s central strength member

Stranded conductor, английский
    A conductor composed of a group of wires, usually twisted, or of any combination of such groups of wires.

Arrangement, английский
  1. Расположение; компоновка; устройство

  2. N упорядочение

Butt wrap, английский
    Tape wrapped in an edge to edge manner with no overlapping between adjacent turns.

Building wire, английский
    Wire used for light and power in permanent installations utilizing 600 volts or less. usually in an enclosure and which will not be exposed to outdoor environments.