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Fluence rate

Глоссарий по ядерной энергетике
    Fluence can be defined as the total number of particles (typically gamma ray photons ) crossing over a sphere of unit cross section which surrounds a point source of ionising radiation . the fluence rate is the number of particles crossing per unit time (

Fluence, английский
  1. Fluence measures the laser energy absorbed per unit of area treated. fluence is affected by beam energy / power density, laser pulse duration, wavelength and absorption of the tissue. fluence is measured by joules / cm2 and this equals laser pulse energy (j) divided by focal spot area (cm2).

  2. Optical energy per unit area

Rate, английский
  1. Débit;mise au mille

  2. Ставка курс цена налог.

  3. Быстрота; (угловая) скорость; частота

  4. Remote automatic telemetry equipment

  5. Угловая скорость; скорость изменения; темп; частота

  6. Коэффициент; степень; процент; доля; норма; ставка; тариф; темп; скорость; цена

  7. 1. the amount or proportion of something compared with something else 2. the number of times something happens in a set time  the heart was beating at a rate of only 59 per minute.

  8. Уровень; показатель в эпидемиологии, демографии и статистике– это выражение частоты, с которой наблюдается событие в определенной популяции за конкретный период времени. rate ratio (rr)

  9. Уровень; показатель в эпидемиологии, демографии и статистике– это выражение частоты, с которой наблюдается событие в определенной популяции за конкретный период времени.

  10. Размер, величина, балл, разряд

  11. A tariff or customs roll. also, the six orders into which the ships of war were divided in the navy, according to their force and magnitude. thus the first rate comprehended all ships of 110 guns and upwards, having 42-pounders on the lower deck, diminishing to 6-pounders on the quarter-deck and forecastle. they were manned with 850 to 875 men, including officers, seamen, marines, servants, &c.— second rate. ships carrying from 90 to 100 guns.—third rate. ships from 80 to 84 guns.—fourth rate. ships from 60 to 74 guns; these were comprehended under the general names of frigates, and never appeared in the line of battle.—fifth rate. mounting from 32 to 40, or even 60 guns.—and sixth rate. mounting from any number, or no guns, if commanded by captains; those commanded by commanders were deemed sloops. since the late introduction of massive iron, a captain may command but one gun.

  12. [1] seaman’s job title, indicating rank in the usn; both trade and rank in the rn (see naval ranks and rates). [2] to assign a specific rate to a particular seaman. [3] the division of sailing warships into classes (see warship ratings).

Rate, английский

Rate, испанский

Rate, итальянский
    Sono le rate di rimborso di un prestito.

Rate - the loss of moisture from timber or other wood products per unit of time. drying rate is generally expressed in percentage of moisture content lost per hour or day, английский

Rate a chronometer, to, английский
    To determine its daily gaining or losing rate on mean time.

Rate action, английский
  1. Действие по первой производной (в системе регулирования)

  2. Действие по производной rate-adaptive adsl adsl с настраиваемой скоростью передачи данных

Rate and, английский
    Acceleration`measuring pendulum (system) маятниковая система измерения скорости и ускорения

Rate and free gyroscopes, английский
    Скоростной и свободный гироскопы

Rate change index, английский

Rate command control system, английский
    Система управления с выдачей команд по первой производной

Rate control, английский

Rate controller on stabilizer control module, английский
    Регулятор по угловой скорости на блоке управления стабилизатором

Rate damping system, английский

Rate difference (rd), английский

Rate differentiating network, английский

Rate divisor, английский
    Делитель тарифа

Rate equation modeling, английский
    A method of modeling the dynamics of laser gain media

Rate gyro, английский
  1. Гироскопический датчик угловой скорости г иротахометр демпфирующий гироскоп дифференцирующий гироскоп

  2. Gyroscopic tachometer

Free radical, английский
    Free radicals can be formed in biological materials (e.g. dna ) when they undergo ionisation (by interaction with ionising radiation ). the free radical can be thought of as a reactive charged molecule which will readily combine with other cell constituen

Fission, английский
  1. (nuclear) fission is the process where a heavy nuclei (e.g. u-235) decays by splitting into two equal fragments (fission fragments). this process proceeds with the emission of neutrons and gamma rays , the neutrons being available to initiated further fis

  2. The act of dividing into two or more parts