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Dictionaries and Glossaries

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Sounding rod

  1. Sonde de niveau

  2. A long pole used to sound tanks or bilges.

  3. A closed pipe, 1 inch in diameter, with a flush point and a driving tip, used in sounding. see sounding.

Sounding rod, английский
    A graduated weight that is attached to a line and used for measuring the depth of liquid in a compartment

Rod, английский
  1. Baguette /barre /tige

  2. Surveying instrument made of wood and graduated in feet and tenths of a foot. used with various leveling instruments to determine differences in elevation between two points (22).

  3. Range operations department

  4. Range operations directive

  5. Rate of descent

  6. Repair and overhaul directive

  7. 1. a stick shape with rounded ends  some bacteria are shaped like rods or are rod-shaped. 2. one of two types of lightsensitive cell in the retina of the eye. rods are sensitive to dim light, but not to colour.  cone comment: rod cells in the eye are sensitive to poor light. they contain rhodopsin or visual purple, which produces the nervous impulse which the rod transmits to the optic nerve.

  8. Штабик

  9. Проволока; удочка; тяга, рычаг

  10. The connecting and coupling bars of the steam-engine. (see sounding-rod.)

Rod, шведский

Rod, английский

Rod, русский
    Скорость снижения

Rod, английский

Rod addition, английский

Rod anchor, английский

Rod assemblies, английский
    Where the gland, wipers, o-rings, and packing are found in a hydraulic cylinder rod (23).

Rod bender, английский
    A powered device, with movable rollers and clamps, used to bend steel reinforcing rods to shapes required in reinforced concrete.

Rod bit, английский
    A noncoring bit designed to fit a reaming shell that is threaded to couple directly to a drill rod, thus eliminating the core barrel in blasthole drilling, designated as 1*4 xrt, iy2 e, 1% a, 25/16 b, and 21s/16 n. also called blasthole bit.

Rod changer, английский

Rod clamp, английский
    Safety clamp

Rod clearance, английский

Rod coupling, английский
    Dcdma name for a double-pin-thread coupling used to connect two drill rods together.

Rod cutter, английский
    A bench-type device, with a guillotine- like wedge, used to cut steel reinforcing rods.

Rod dope, английский
    Grease or other material used to protect or lubricate drill rods. also called gunk, rod grease.

Rod drag, английский
    The rubbing of the rods or drill string on the sidewalls of the borehole. also called rod friction.

Rod drop, английский
    The distance of slump or sag in a long string of rods when released from the drill chuck.

Rod elevator, английский
    A synonym for elevator and/or elevator plug. see elevator 1, elevator plug.

Rod end hydraulic cushion, английский
    Гидравлический амортизатор штоковой полости (например, цилиндра компенсатора бурильной колонны)

Rod friction, английский
  1. The drag created in the flow of the drilling liquid by contact and eonstrictional effects created by the inside surface of the drill rods and couplings. compare skin friction, wall friction.

  2. A synonym for rod drag.

Spacing, английский
  1. Pas;espacement

  2. The distance between individual members or shingles in building construction.

  3. Шпация

Solution loss, английский
    Dissolution du carbone