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Payment date

    Data di pagamento, итальянский
      E la data in cui i membri di un consorzio di emissione sono tenuti a versare il corrispettivo della loro quota al lead manager. e anche la data di pagamento degli interessi e la data di rimborso di un prestito. infine, indica la data in cui deve avvenire

    Дата платежа, русский
    1. День, в который наступает срок платежа по займу, облигации или долговому обязательству; как основной, так и накопленный процент должны быть оплачены.

    2. Дата, на которую пошлины и налоги подлежат уплате

    Date, английский
      Дата, число

    Date, английский

    Date, испанский

    Date and time, английский
      Дата и время

    Date and time header, английский
      Объект-заголовок даты и времени

    Date and time notation, английский
      While an american would immediately recognize “03/04/08” as symbolizing march 4, citizens of the commonwealth would dadt 90 be equally confident it stood for april 3 (but none would know if the year was 2008, 1908, or even earlier). most europeans and many asians, accustomed to totally different formats, would find it basically unintelligible, but might tentatively interpret it as april 8 (in 1903 or 2003). commercial organizations with global operations attempted to overcome these sequencing incompatibilities by requiring months to be presented alphabetically (usually abbreviated to allow standard field lengths). but computer programmers preferred a numerical format that avoided wasting space on tables for alpha-numeric conversion. in the mid–20th century, many of them saved space and encoding time (both then very costly) by using only the last two digits of the year. this came to a head in what was known as the “y2k crisis,” when it was realized that many computers around the world would interpret “00” as 1900 rather than 2000. doomsday predictions for 1 january 2000 included newborns being registered as 100 years old, elderly people recorded as dying on the day they were born, atms seizing credit cards as long-since expired, and the interest on loans issued on 31 december 1999 being calculated on minus 36,524 days instead of plus one. ultimately the crisis was a blessing in disguise, as it forced the international standards organization to develop iso 8601, promulgated in 1988 to pre-empt the “y2k” problem, along with many others by using the format year/month/day. its salient points are given in table 12.

    Date back film, английский

    Date field, английский
      Поле даты

    Date grouping, английский
      Группирование по датам

    Date imposee, французский

    Date label, английский
      Метка даты; отметка даты

    Date line, английский
      See international date line. date-time group: a set of characters, usually in prescribed format, placed in the header of a message, as an indicator of when and where it originates. for example, in nato protocol, “071945n” means the message was sent on the 7th day of the month (07), at 7:45 p.m. (1945 hours), in time zone november (near the azores islands). see coordinated universal time.

    Date of acquisition, английский

    Date of agreement, английский
      The date stated on the face of the agreement. if no date is stated, it may be the date on which the agreement is actually signed, if this is recorded, or it may be the date established by the award; also referred to as the contract date.

    Date of agreement., английский

    Date of authorization, английский

    Date of birth, английский

    Date of change, английский
      Дата изменения 196

    Date of commencement of the work, английский
      The date established in a notice to proceed or, in the absence of such notice, the date of the agreement or such other date as may be established therein or by the parties thereto.

    Date of delivery, английский

    Date of grant, английский
      Дата выдачи (патента)

    Penalty bid, английский
      A syndicate penalty bid can be displayed on the nasdaq system during the period of a registered public offering of a security. such a bid may be entered by the managing underwriter or a member of the underwriting group acting on its behalf, and is intende

    P/s ratio (price/sales ratio), английский
      A financial ratio that compares stock price with sales per share (or market value with total revenue).