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Cutter load

Глоссарий по металлорежущим станкам и металлообработке

    Нагрузка на фрезу, русский

    Cutt-off wavelength, английский
      Наименьшая длина волны светового потока, при которой одномодовое оптич. валакно будет переносить только одну моду

    Cuttable, английский

    Cutten, английский

    Cutter, английский
    1. One who fells, limbs, tops, and/or bucks trees (24).

    2. 1. a small single-masted boat, fore-and-aft rigged, with two or more headsails and often a bowsprit. the mast is set farther back than on a sloop.

    3. Стеклорез

    4. A single masted boat rigged with both jib and staysail. d

    5. Куттер, тендер

    6. A small single-masted, sharp-built broad vessel, commonly navigated in the english channel, furnished with a straight running bowsprit, occasionally run in horizontally on the deck; except for which, and the largeness of the sails, they are rigged much like sloops. either clincher or carvel-built, no jib-stay, the jib hoisting and hanging by the halliards alone. she carries a fore-and-aft main-sail, gaff-topsail, stay-foresail, and jib. the name is derived from their fast sailing. the cutter (as h.m.s. dwarf) has been made to set every sail, even royal studding-sails, sky-scrapers, moon-rakers, star-gazers, water and below-water sails, that could be set by any vessel on one mast. one of the largest which has answered effectually, was the viper, of 460 tons and 28 guns; this vessel was very useful during the american war, particularly by getting into gibraltar at a critical period of the siege.

    7. Of a ship are broader for their length, deeper and shorter in proportion than the barge or pinnace; are fitter for sailing, and commonly employed in carrying light stores, passengers, &c., to and from the ships; some are clench-built. they generally row

    8. [1] a small single-masted vessel, fore-andaft rigged, with a gaff mainsail, two or more headsails, a bowsprit with jib, and a mast set further aft than in a sloop. may also be marconi rigged. [2] a ship’s boat, powered by oars, sails or motor, smaller than a whaler but larger than a yawl or jollyboat. [3] an armed patrol craft used by the u s coast guard and similar services. cutting-in: a sailing whaler’s term. after the animal had been killed it was tied up alongside the cutting stage to be flensed. this was an exceptionally tedious, messy, and dangerous task, not only because rolling of the vessel dunked the stage with danger of being swept overboard, but also because blood in the water attracted hordes of sharks. nowadays the carcass is winched up a slipway onto the flensing deck of a factory ship (see processing a whale).

    9. Резальное устройство; каттер; режущий инструмент графопостроителя cut-through 1. без буферизации пакетов; 2. сквозной cut-through mode сквозной режим cut-through processing сквозная обработка cut-through switching коммутация без буферизации пакетов cut-through transfer сквозная передача

    10. Single mast rig with twin headsails (yankee and/or staysail).

    11. 1. a mechanical device used to cut tow into staple. 2. a firm engaged in making up garments from finished fabrics. 3. a person employed in the wholesale garment industry whose specific work is to cut layers of fabric to be formed into garments.

    Cutter (type of sailboat), английский
      Катер; тендер (одномачтовая парусная

    Cutter assembly, английский
      Шпиндельная бабка фрезерного станка; фрезерная бабка

    Cutter bar, английский

    Cutter chain, английский

    Cutter changing (, английский

    Cutter diameter compensation, английский

    Cutter dredge, английский

    Cutter head pick lacings, английский

    Cutter loader, английский

    Cutter plow, английский

    Cutter spindle, английский

    Cutter [karst], английский
      A dissolution groove or trench formed along vertical bedrock fractures beneath soil and usually buried beneath regolith with little or no ground surface expression, commonly wider than a solution fissure (widths commonly range from 0.5 to 3 meters) and tapering down to a crack or a bedrock floored trench; also called grike (not preferred), or subsurface karren. compare - karren, solution fissure, solution corridor. sw & ww

    Cutter-dredger, английский
      Фрезерный землесосный снаряд

    Cutter-loader, английский

    Cutterhead, английский
      Механический [фрезерный] рыхлитель (земснаряда)

    Cutterhead pipeline dredge, английский

    Нагрузка на фрезу, русский

    Бесшаботный молот, русский